White Guys Bargain in Perfect Mandarin at Chinese Market, Amaze Vendors

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My friend Evan and I, two white guys who speak extremely good Mandarin, some Cantonese, and a little bit of Fuzhounese, went bargain hunting and haggling at the dry goods and vegetable markets of NYC Chinatown. A veritable market spree! We walked up to various Chinese vendors, started speaking with them in English, and then switched over mid-conversation to Mandarin and Cantonese (and Fuzhounese once or twice!). Their reactions were hilarious! Hope you enjoy this day in our lives! And hopefully this is helpful to you guys in your language learning journeys!
This is Part 2 of our day shopping in Chinatown - be sure to click on the card in the video for Part 1!
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Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约
  • JohnandEve Foster

    JohnandEve Foster

    3 órája

    i love how instantly they stop seeing you as a brick wall, i guess I would describe it..and see you as a human being... which in turn does the same for our eyes... I am always fascinated by those who can speak another language.. i bet you dream in their language more than english..or am I wrong?
    when i was in high school i chose German.. it was difficult for me so the next year i took french, messed with my head even more

    I wish that my grandparents taught their children the language they were born into , which was German.. but they didn't... it is such a shame that parents do not teach their children to know more than one language .. I on the other hand couldn't do that for mine.. I only speak english fluently...

    I have always wanted to know what it would be like to not understand english.. to hear what my language sounds like to others that do not speak it
    once i had a dream where i got to know what it was like.. i knew that others were speaking english but i couldnt understand them .. but it was a dream so it is hard to remember how cool it was

    any way I really wish i could speak the languages you can speak... I love the way they sound... so much better than french... I think Russain is awesome to...
    i really wish i could hear english and not be able to speak it.. i want to know if it sounds cool like others do to me..ya know?

  • R Vasquez

    R Vasquez

    5 órája

    Very cool, a great story and idea for the whole world. Would be a much better place if we could all just talk to each other.

  • shmac96


    8 órája

    You guys eat.....so....much.....but your Chinese is amazing!

  • Jonathan Wright

    Jonathan Wright

    18 órája

    That butt tho lol just sayin

  • eugene endres

    eugene endres

    19 órája

    I just discovered these guys yesterday. And they are wonderful ! Man, the things you are able to see when there's a dangerous virus going around.

  • Dana Lawton

    Dana Lawton


    I just think this is stupid.... obviously I'm not in the majority since it has 6.25 million views. But why shouldn't anyone be able to speak Chinese. That the Chinese are surprised only shows how small minded many can be. Sometimes in rural Chinese communities when a person with Blond hair shows up.... the Chinese, without asking permission will just walk over and touch and smell your hair. Like you're a dog or something.

  • Marten Siddall

    Marten Siddall


    very cool, enjoyed the comments at the end. I'm asked often why do you want to speak Italian? your not Italian.. da.

  • frank stensli

    frank stensli


    Oooh man, i am so freaking jealus of your language skills. You have a video with tips in how to learn language?

  • michael jeffries

    michael jeffries

    2 napja


  • Brittany Chambers

    Brittany Chambers

    3 napja

    Anyone loves his accent while speaking. Satisfying to my ears. I cant stop binge watching these videos.

  • Hey Canada

    Hey Canada

    4 napja

    Amazing videos !....thank you....I'm getting addicted....

  • steve randall

    steve randall

    4 napja

    Wow, the Chinese language sounds so beautiful. It's hot a lovely sound to it.

  • Samira Gandhi Ñunuvera

    Samira Gandhi Ñunuvera

    5 napja

    Don't b catching no corona

  • Roger H

    Roger H

    5 napja

    What I admire about Xiaoma is that he actually supports the businesses by purchasing things even if he doesn't really need a bag full of apples lol.

  • Felicia.xo


    6 napja

    I love how happy everyone is for you! They always compliment you guys on your articulation and pronunciations. I think it’s beautiful and even tho I have to read what everyone is saying, I’m still smiling doing it!

  • Annmarie Deans

    Annmarie Deans

    6 napja

    You are the best

  • Annmarie Deans

    Annmarie Deans

    6 napja

    You are an inspiration in encouring people to speak other languages and seeing their light up is great because it makes them feel connected

  • moeller013


    7 napja

    "Extremely, insufferably warm" lmao

  • Ahmad Fahmi Ismail

    Ahmad Fahmi Ismail

    7 napja

    Hello bro that's nice spoken because u lives there. I never learn chinese school but i loves chinese speaking actually mandarin i learn by myself and everyday heard mandarin song. I'm from Malaysia nice watching your video

  • Chuck Mejia

    Chuck Mejia

    9 napja

    Love your videos bro, but your snobby friend is the most annoying person to see in your videos.

  • Flowers inherhair

    Flowers inherhair

    10 napja


  • KirkelPuDD


    10 napja

    I lived in Chinatown for 5 years on Eldridge street. Love seeing my old area. Miss my great little cheap AF food spots

  • relaxado


    11 napja

    The Chinese people seem so friendly!

  • Nick Lovell

    Nick Lovell

    11 napja

    Well done it's nice to see someone put a smile on another persons face.

  • Sheit


    11 napja

    at the restaurant, those are steamed dumplings, not buns (xiao long bao)

  • James Edward

    James Edward

    11 napja

    He forgot to speak in Fuzhou to the last lady

  • aydenfisher7


    12 napja

    Damn there some hungry ass dudes always eating , i got full just watching this

  • Prro LOCO

    Prro LOCO

    12 napja

    I like how most of them, if not all really seem to be a hard working individual

  • sunglasses at night

    sunglasses at night

    12 napja

    amaizing!! u r sweet couple too!

  • VeryMelee


    12 napja

    Those buns look awesome

  • VeryMelee


    12 napja


  • DIego Anthony Herrera

    DIego Anthony Herrera

    13 napja

    14 for 3 dolars belt ahhaha

  • Le Furret

    Le Furret

    13 napja

    Every rime he ask where they are from. they answer Fouzhou

  • Mario Bananas

    Mario Bananas

    13 napja

    poor lady, even I didnt understand 'most warm' until they put it in subtitles. warmest hello?

  • Eliot Salgado

    Eliot Salgado

    13 napja

    Cheap Jew. He could have bought the damn coat

  • Sandra Vega

    Sandra Vega

    13 napja


  • openyoureyes


    14 napja

    Your friend Evan is very classy!

  • volcano hi

    volcano hi

    14 napja

    Ilegal undersized crab

  • Twitch. I don’t have one

    Twitch. I don’t have one

    14 napja

    2:44 I’m sorry but it sounded like he said the N wOrD



    14 napja

    i think evan is gay for you

  • Joe Gotz

    Joe Gotz

    14 napja

    You guys are simply awesome just awesome thank you. Michael

  • Pat Downs

    Pat Downs

    14 napja

    LOL Eat crabs from the East River. You might get crabs from the East River.

  • jose herrera

    jose herrera

    15 napja

    I wanna learn me some Fuzhou

  • JohnnyOmm


    15 napja


  • JohnnyOmm


    15 napja

    4:22 hes like omg fuck you lmao "i only eat seasonal" o.o

  • Oskar Plays

    Oskar Plays

    15 napja

    That crab must be dirty🤢

  • SuperSkateVidz


    15 napja

    I don’t think people realize how legendary and iconic this guy is by doing this on YouTube

  • Seth Chandler

    Seth Chandler

    15 napja

    I had a really good joke at Xiaoma's expense.... But it's the kind of joke that is rude and offensive if you don't know the person. If he was my buddy he would laugh. If I saw him in person I could relay it via interpretive dance and he wouldn't be offended. He would see it was coming from a place of bonded endearing ribbing. I'll just explain the dance as best I can..... Way too much hip gyrating and constant unwavering eye contact. It's the dance of brotherhood.

  • Seth Chandler

    Seth Chandler

    15 napja

    10 years is a long time to learn a couple of languages. I learned the universal language of interpretive dance in one night during a fever dream. Now everywhere I go people know my intentions...... People don't seem to want to interact with me..... Not sure why.

  • Jahed A

    Jahed A

    16 napja

    Sounds like I’m playing sims tbh 😂

  • katie lambert

    katie lambert

    16 napja

    Isn’t it crazy if you did anything in this video now, you’d have the coronavirus

  • bobby bingle

    bobby bingle

    16 napja

    Theses wankers could have at least bought something instead of wasting that nice lady's time showing off and taking the piss.
    They come across as mocking and a bit racist to be honest!

  • rolando lorenzo

    rolando lorenzo

    16 napja

    you guys can connect the boundaries of the lives of others...im not a chinese.. im so proud of you both..

  • MrEmpireBuilder


    16 napja

    Great language skills. I usually don't overbargain. Or I don't even bargain at all. Come on guys. We drive to the mall in a shiny car. I don't wanna deny someone an extra 5 bucks.

  • sean field

    sean field

    16 napja

    Why does that guy always have people feed him?

  • Null Void

    Null Void

    17 napja

    xiaoma: *looks at menu*
    xiaoma: so this tells you what you can get

  • fdsad fadfs

    fdsad fadfs

    17 napja

    my grandpa is in that video

    • fdsad fadfs

      fdsad fadfs

      17 napja

      0:01 - 1:28

  • NHParadox


    17 napja

    with all this corona bullshit going on it's refreshing to see someone actually enhance the culture, rather than shit on it.

  • Luis Casas

    Luis Casas

    17 napja

    Do you have coronavirus

  • Travel 4k

    Travel 4k

    17 napja


  • Vickey_pedia


    17 napja

    That's how US got Corona

  • robert graziano

    robert graziano

    18 napja


  • Sagor Mamun

    Sagor Mamun

    19 napja

    Bro, I hate your money sounds -_- everytime it makes sound, I go to my dashboard to check new sells..

  • BK Shmocko

    BK Shmocko

    21 napja

    This is the closest thing to a super power humans can have.

  • Eric Kane

    Eric Kane

    21 napja

    Even if you speak Chinese they still give you guys ridiculous prices.

  • The Great Persian

    The Great Persian

    21 napja

    How these people got into the USA with no English no IELTS no H1B no J1 or J2 visas .

  • Igor Ivanchenko

    Igor Ivanchenko

    21 napja

    You are really cool when you speak someone's language like a native! Awesome!

  • Cough Fee

    Cough Fee

    24 napja

    @8:56 damn...he's packing!!!

  • Maria Copeiro

    Maria Copeiro

    25 napja

    the beauty of language :)

  • Mrservece Happy

    Mrservece Happy

    26 napja

    Man did you not know the apples aren't clean

  • Hannah Krol

    Hannah Krol

    26 napja

    Only a pound? Lol

  • Amber


    26 napja

    I was just ordering boba and the person at the register started speaking to me in Chinese! She said she thought I spoke it! I have no idea how or why she thought that though🤯😆 Am I slowly starting to sound Chinese from watching all of your videos?🤣

  • ButterPecanMami1990


    27 napja

    I must say I really love how people light up whenever you speak their language

  • 萬金老爺


    28 napja

    为什么 我翻墙出来。还是看小马😂

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family

    showgirls around the world a dancer family

    29 napja

    First she says 100 jacket then says its 110? Hustler

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family

    showgirls around the world a dancer family

    29 napja


  • D T

    D T


    All the Chinese vendors are so sweet, complimenting these guys

  • Loetz Fan

    Loetz Fan


    I have no idea what he's saying, but he definitely laughs in Chinese.

  • Olivia R

    Olivia R


    I think it’s so cool how they give you discounts for the language!!!! What a steal!!!!!

  • Olivia R

    Olivia R


    It’s funny how the worker think they are tourists at first. Then they hear them speak Chinese and they’re like 😮