White Guys Surprise Locals with Rare Chinese Dialect, They are Stunned

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Me and my Chinese-speaking white friends went to Brooklyn Chinatown to practice our Mandarin, Cantonese, and the rare dialect of Fuzhounese (also known as Fuzhou dialect or Hokchew / Hock Chew), which people speak in this part of Brooklyn. We got lots of smiles and laughs and funny reactions and it turned into a really fun day! It’s always nice to make connections with people using language skills. An inspiring video for people looking to learn languages, I hope!
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  • Bib The Boulder

    Bib The Boulder

    8 perccel

    Feel free to tell the people you meet in fluent Chinese what they have unleashed on the world with their disgusting eating habits.

  • A O

    A O

    30 perccel

    Soy el unico que habla español :’v xd.

  • juan pastor

    juan pastor


    you are awesome.. I wish to be like you my friend.

  • StrengthAddicts


    2 órája

    A little rude to your fans. Love your videos.

  • carlos ceneviva

    carlos ceneviva

    2 órája

    Eating, eating, eating, eating, eating, eating, eating...



    4 órája

    *You are awesome dude🤟🏻* Привет из россии :)

  • Nick Y

    Nick Y

    5 órája

    you guy speak Chinese so fk good

  • HowlBeast


    7 órája

    0.01 & 6:05 my man was proud of them speaking Fuzhounese

  • Zyn


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  • PyroManiac Pirate

    PyroManiac Pirate

    10 órája

    6:04 KAPPA

  • Grrr.


    16 órája

    I speak to several foreign English speakers who are fluent but because of my north eastern English accent they can't understand a word I'm saying. Some European work colleagues thought I was Scottish or Irish. Southern parts of England would have difficulty understanding me if I didn't speak without my accent and if I spoke in my regional dialect.

  • Dennis


    16 órája

    Beanie game is alright but 0/10 on fupa display

  • Jesper Lim

    Jesper Lim

    18 órája

    Xiao ma chinese learn from china
    And that 2 guys sounds like taiwan...

  • Star Hope

    Star Hope

    21 órája

    Good Job Guys...AWESOME! =)

  • Dean Ossiander

    Dean Ossiander


    the people on the street really like the fact that you guys try the different dialects

  • Larry Tipton

    Larry Tipton


    So Rudy speaks Mandarin now?

  • chris r

    chris r


    You guys are good diplomats .

  • RC MADNESS San Leandro

    RC MADNESS San Leandro


    I’m sitting here”shelter in place” here in California and just enjoying the hell out of your videos. Thank You.

  • TwistedSister/Haratiofales



    Those extra large Chinese Burrito's you are eating at the end look so good.

    • HowlBeast


      7 órája

      i know right id buy 2 one for later ;)

  • Rune Stone

    Rune Stone

    2 napja

    youtube algorithm trying to prevent ww3... nice!

  • L L

    L L

    2 napja

    Well lots of Chinese people in chinatown and 8th ave Brooklyn speaks fujianese. The one he said taste good is pretty accurate lol.

  • jose herrera

    jose herrera

    2 napja

    Idc how long you been friends that’s gross taking a bite directly where the other person bit it



    2 napja

    I was already 99% addicted to YouTube, the Coronavirus made it 100.



    2 napja

    i have no idea why i keep coming back to this channel xD
    ..maybe it's like the guy at 2:23 xD

  • Filippo R

    Filippo R

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    I like the guy with glasses. What's his name?

  • Anthony Bove

    Anthony Bove

    3 napja

    I think there looking and hunting for a Chinese girl the little guy is a desperate guy.

  • Anthony Bove

    Anthony Bove

    3 napja

    There computer nerds from polytech Brooklyn New York. Yuppie looking for good street food. l

  • Anthony Bove

    Anthony Bove

    3 napja

    There funny nerds starving intellectuals who have Chinese girlfriends who act white.

  • Logan Leslie

    Logan Leslie

    3 napja

    I have watched a few of your videos. That was my qualification for my comment. I,,,, think ,,,, this is one of your best.

  • Scott Charmin

    Scott Charmin

    3 napja

    These guys have lost their own identities - I find it off-putting they are cozy with people whose country of origin has vowed to takeover the United States

  • Thomas C

    Thomas C

    3 napja

    "He speaks it the best."
    haha! Normally you don't volunteer such information. Leave 'em wondering.

  • Ericson Noe Ayala

    Ericson Noe Ayala

    4 napja

    No entiendo mucho inglés, pero me gustan tus vídeos :3

  • Britt Savage

    Britt Savage

    5 napja

    I love their energy. Sweet friends.

  • Naomi Uriostegui

    Naomi Uriostegui

    6 napja

    Mmm... Las 3 son mejores amigas...

  • valiantmar


    6 napja

    I love your videos!!!! I especially like when the three of you are together, soooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TermitesRGood1


    8 napja

    7:55 That's the way you spread the Corona virus Great going............

  • Danny Doak

    Danny Doak

    9 napja

    No laoshu 🤺🤺🐐

  • Hyme Rabinowitz

    Hyme Rabinowitz

    9 napja

    Your friend with the glasses looks like a supernerd.

  • Laddso


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  • Otis Plunk

    Otis Plunk

    10 napja

    Apparently, speaking Chinese works up a voracious appetite.

  • Jessica Sinclair

    Jessica Sinclair

    11 napja

    Does the other 2 guys have youtube channels?

  • Jessica Sinclair

    Jessica Sinclair

    11 napja

    I stopped watching Corona Virus and started watching your video instead.

  • shaun rinker

    shaun rinker

    11 napja

    Cringe cringe cringe cringey

  • Marius Jacobs

    Marius Jacobs

    11 napja

    Awesome video. I speak English and Afrikaans hehe. BUT yoh guys, don't feed each other food like that LOL.

  • Boss Don Chris

    Boss Don Chris

    11 napja

    Why they eating off eachother like that 😷

    • Glen Atchison

      Glen Atchison

      9 napja

      It's worse when they're behind closed doors.

  • Timothy Cheng

    Timothy Cheng

    11 napja

    His Chinese is better than his English 🤦‍♂️

  • Meng Moua

    Meng Moua

    12 napja

    They're really appreciative when you take the time to learn their language.

  • Camille Crichlow

    Camille Crichlow

    12 napja

    What are they eating at 8:10 ? That looks really good..

  • Warsun


    12 napja

    As a Negro when he says nega Neegu it sounds like. My brown brethren. This may be a problem for Negros(Black Americans) to translate without confusion.

  • ryan bussard

    ryan bussard

    12 napja

    he says the n-word a lot

  • MrGabrielJude


    12 napja

    10 years learning Chinese in China just to record trolling Chinese ppl at restaurants and markets...that’s dedication!

  • Bdubbs Svoboda

    Bdubbs Svoboda

    12 napja

    Is he gay

  • Jomari Manipon

    Jomari Manipon

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  • Sean Chen

    Sean Chen

    12 napja

    Lots of Fouzhou in Sarawak, Malaysia. Please make a visit next time!!!! Most of us in Sibu and Sarikei, Sarawak! Do visit Malaysia next time.

  • Jay Lane

    Jay Lane

    12 napja

    Nice but try and vary the content. Maybe move away from the let's surprise Chinese people by speaking Chinese.

  • Nick Johnson

    Nick Johnson

    12 napja

    @5:10 when the couple in the background blows in each other’s face .

    Me: so that’s how corona virus 🦠 spread so fast

  • Steven Adams

    Steven Adams

    13 napja

    Videos are very cool. I would love to be able to do that. So been watching a good bit today and I’m wondering are they guys...kinda...uhh. Nevermind

  • Judith Fenske

    Judith Fenske

    13 napja

    Why carry a wad of bills?

  • skajuoker


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    Fajnie się to ogląda ... a teraz Panowie nauczcie się polskiego :)

  • tjlovesrachel


    13 napja

    Rosetta Stone here I come

  • Elite Chief

    Elite Chief

    14 napja


  • ETBH


    14 napja

    At least when Asians overtake our cities they create jobs and are peaceful. Blacks...not so much lmao

  • Davevid45


    14 napja

    Aw mannnn. I'm gaining weight just watching you guys. Better watch out.

  • Jackk4456


    14 napja

    It's amazing how open all Chinese people are once they hear you speak their language, almost like the language was the only barrier. Makes me want learn Chinese now.

  • patti cournoyer

    patti cournoyer

    14 napja

    That's flipping cool



    14 napja

    Great videos, you have a Mexican learning Chinese 👏

  • World Africa Globe

    World Africa Globe

    14 napja

    Clueless guy orders food in Mandarin, KFC workers unimpressed

  • volcano hi

    volcano hi

    15 napja

    what does nigga mean in chinese?

  • Pat Downs

    Pat Downs

    15 napja

    LOL "We watch you when we are really bored."

  • judolee64


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    Do you speak Hebrew or Arabic?

  • Ruben Samuel

    Ruben Samuel

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    2:30 u said the N word ahaha

  • Raydoug


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    1:28 WTF ........

  • GJL Creative Studios

    GJL Creative Studios

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    IS xiaoma gay? Everyone he hangs out and shares food with are for sure. Here have a bite of my eggroll after me? LMFAO

    • Gabriel Taillefer Cohen

      Gabriel Taillefer Cohen

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      sharing eggrolls is gay?

    • Scott Thomson

      Scott Thomson

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      GJL Creative Studios I was thinking the same thing

  • pumps0333


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    Damn I never knew Ben Shapiro speaks Chinese on the side

  • Vax


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    I could watch these all day long .. such a talent!



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    dude I love the channel but the ginger guy friend of you is too gay lol too much much.

  • denro0


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    Life before Corona.

  • Gary Anderson

    Gary Anderson

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    Can you guys move the CC up about an inch? The stupid ads keep blocking me while I am reading. Either way these are great videos!

  • MrWardooo


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    Any video u should title "eating while speaking chinese" "getting weight while talking with random people in chinese"

  • ISM Gaming

    ISM Gaming

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    Did he just say nigga