These Games will SHOCK Your Kids!! [DIY]

Közzététel: 2019.okt.12.
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What’s the harm in making some popular toys a bit more exciting?!!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • ElectroBOOM


    2 hónapja

    Share this video to spread the Halloween -pain- joy ! 😈😈😈

    • Peyton Meghan

      Peyton Meghan

      3 napja

      ElectroBOOM how old is his daughter she looked like she was 6 last time now she looks like she’s 13😂

    • Kenny Afton

      Kenny Afton

      17 napja


    • nil sorwar

      nil sorwar

      17 napja

      ElectroBOOM I’m the HUNDRED comment on this

    • HeatherJo Wyman

      HeatherJo Wyman


      ElecroBoom your funny and cool keep it up

    • Sreeram S Nair

      Sreeram S Nair


      @Cat Angel that I know. But ee video il he uses DC battery to step up the current. I got the answer, I think there is a rectifier somewhere in the circuit. Btw, eth classila chechy padikkunne?

  • CovertPluto350 2

    CovertPluto350 2

    2 órája

    *uses gun and gets hurt
    Let’s try it again!
    *uses gun and gets hurt
    Let’s try it again!
    *uses gun and gets hurt
    Let’s try it again!
    *uses gun and gets hurt
    Let’s try it again!

  • Alien X

    Alien X

    7 órája

    “Then I’ll play with my daughter” okay then😂

  • Dough Boy1950

    Dough Boy1950

    8 órája

    How is this man still alive?

  • Mikkel Boel

    Mikkel Boel

    10 órája

    At the start " no pain, no gain" later in the video:
    "So I also added this wooden handle"

  • Scott Dunn

    Scott Dunn

    12 órája

    Now he's trying to hurt kids... Wow

  • gaming4u with Amin Rujul

    gaming4u with Amin Rujul

    12 órája

    Beyond human experience

  • The Scoot

    The Scoot

    15 órája

    You and Michael Reeves should team up

  • S B

    S B

    16 órája

    actually people can be more and less sensitive to electrical shocks, even less conductive, if you have really dry skin you are less conductive, you are still conductive, but a little less.

  • Priyo M

    Priyo M


    The daughter got the eyebrows gene from electroboom

  • Juan Ignacio Carrizo

    Juan Ignacio Carrizo


    I believe this is the only goal for a engineer: having a family, and zap the sh*t out of them ❤️

  • NetworKing



    Most of these he probably could have used something like a tens unit that would be safe, but probably noticable if was set properly, but may need a dummy load on too so it does not just shut off assuming no connection.

  • DABING IS BAD42 Get aids

    DABING IS BAD42 Get aids


    Wtf this video was made on my birthday

  • Jonathan Sinche

    Jonathan Sinche


    “This has great potential.......hahahah” lmao 😂

  • Umar Umar

    Umar Umar



  • David Petrusewicz

    David Petrusewicz

    2 napja

    Your like Olaf let try again and again

  • Mr.engineEAR09


    2 napja


  • robert lamantin

    robert lamantin

    2 napja

    "This has great potential..."

  • IllusiveDuelist


    2 napja

    lol rockem shockem robot...zzzzzztt! ouch! 🤣

  • Yunus Emre Hayri

    Yunus Emre Hayri

    2 napja

    im just thinking are u from Iran or what????

    Oh i learned you are from iran HMMMMM im from Afganistan and there we speak persian too but i can't i can only speak Uzbeki but i cant write too Fu!

  • Dark YouTube

    Dark YouTube

    2 napja

    Давай субтитр по русски

  • Marckus Balingit

    Marckus Balingit

    2 napja

    I guess electrocute is more resistant?

  • Taufiq Rahman

    Taufiq Rahman

    2 napja

    3:02 OMG it's creepy

  • Cubicle Adonis

    Cubicle Adonis

    3 napja

    Your videos are fantastic. I enjoy them very much! Thank you

  • Adam Wojewodzki

    Adam Wojewodzki

    3 napja

    Your German

  • Janusze AIR SOFTU

    Janusze AIR SOFTU

    3 napja

    4:00 pussy

  • Unknown


    3 napja

    His daughter: ouch
    Absolutely nobody:
    Mehdi: aooooouuuuaach

  • James Colvin

    James Colvin

    3 napja

    Electricity is fun with this guy lol I nearly wetted myself with laughter

  • Edoardo Marini

    Edoardo Marini

    3 napja

    Love your kids? Electrocute them!

  • Ramin Vahedi

    Ramin Vahedi

    3 napja

    Akhhheyyyy cheghadr dokhtaretoon bamazassss.
    Awww you're daughter's so cutee