The Trouble With Tumbleweed

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CGP Grey
CGP Grey
  • Wage


    10 órája

    Ha ha weed

  • msmity63


    22 órája

    The corona virus of agriculture.

  • Payton Richards

    Payton Richards

    23 órája

    I live next to South Dakota and I haven't seen a tumble in my life so I guess we solved it.

  • Thirafi Najwan

    Thirafi Najwan


    can we make tumbleweed power plant?

  • Skwrl Fuzz

    Skwrl Fuzz


    I believe it's 'sisyphean'...

  • Memes n Shet

    Memes n Shet


    They should build a mobile machine big enough that it sucks them in and burns them
    It wouldn’t eliminate the seeds but it would be a streamlined way of dealing with them each year

  • formerfreak



    its convention season, Los Angeles californium. Its the middle of the night and im driving, 3 friends in the car but they are passed out. Makeup Smeared, legs sore, wallets empty, trunk full of phat loot from the con. Heading down the 5 south the traffic came to a stop, Tired me thinks "fucking LA traffic"......its 1 am on a Saturday. Then i see something pop into the air a ways forward, "what the?" then suddenly WHAM!!!! TUMBLE WEEDS STAMPEDE OVER AND AROUND THE CARS, i scream waking my friends, they scream because all they know is the car is being thudded by something and we are in LA. After a few mins the last weed tumbles away......I will never forget they day i rekindled my hatred for nature

  • Emily Lavën

    Emily Lavën


    Anything that disrupts westerners westerning is awesome to me

  • Keefe


    2 napja

    This is why Americans hate Russians so much

  • Zemplin Castellan

    Zemplin Castellan

    2 napja

    They're like a plant version of tribbles ! :-O :-p Honestly, I'm not surprised they're so widespread and such an issue, invasive plants tend to be like that in environments where they're not native.
    I'll give these plants one thing, though: They have a very interesting, even somewhat funny seed dispersion strategy. It's like taking the seed dispersion by wind strategy and bringing it to its logical conclusion. :-p
    Excellent video. :-)

  • Golden Mask

    Golden Mask

    2 napja

    Normal terrorist: plants bomb
    Clever terrorist: *_plants tumbleweed seed_*

  • Golden Mask

    Golden Mask

    2 napja

    Americans be like when they destroy a tumbleweed seed:
    "The bomb has been defused"

  • Golden Mask

    Golden Mask

    2 napja

    There are 2 ways to destroy a village:
    Illegal way: plant a bomb
    Legal way: plant a tumbleweed seed

  • happycatalyst


    2 napja

    Flame thrower.

  • Justin Moore

    Justin Moore

    2 napja

    You all collect tumble weeds. I don't need to raise all of you.

  • The Epic Hamster

    The Epic Hamster

    2 napja

    My five years ago coming by from vacation: hey look at that tumbleweed

  • sherbet_lemonhead


    2 napja

    People before watching this video: Tumbleweeds are nice
    Afterwards: *_KILL IT! KILL IT ALL!_*

  • Mittens FastPaw

    Mittens FastPaw

    3 napja

    They burn really nice.

  • Rareware Saxophone

    Rareware Saxophone

    3 napja

    Oohhhh Tumble WEEDS

  • lewis young

    lewis young

    3 napja

    So what you're saying is... we need to cut the losses and take a flamethrower to it all... America that is.

  • Frozo 2910

    Frozo 2910

    3 napja

    can we get a 10 hour version of America shoveling tumbleweed? thank you

  • General Dreagon LP's

    General Dreagon LP's

    3 napja

    So the americans lost the war against tumbleweed. That's even more sad than losing a war against emu's.

  • Some Guy

    Some Guy

    4 napja

    I battle these devils in my yard. The key is to pull them before they get thorns. I wished my neighbors would too. BTW I am here in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

  • Some Guy

    Some Guy

    4 napja

    The Russian Thistle is just as welcome as Russian memes to our elections here in the USA.

  • Norlia Tiemeth

    Norlia Tiemeth

    4 napja

    Now I can see the trouble with tribbles, the same exact M.O.

  • Rex


    4 napja

    Just torch them at the desert, where there's nothing else that can burn nearby.

  • Austin Alexander

    Austin Alexander

    4 napja

    You the man, C. Keep that spaceship core spinnin', brother!

  • Jako Huncho

    Jako Huncho

    5 napja

    Too much alliteration. Dislike.

  • Dena Cross

    Dena Cross

    5 napja

    Tumble in my car. and tumble tornado. Yay! Tumble=tumbleweed and yes there is a tumbleweed In my car.

  • LittleRedRhuari RRR

    LittleRedRhuari RRR

    5 napja

    That thumbnail isn't tumble weed. Those are tribbles!
    Edit: After watching the video I now see the truth in that statement more than ever.

  • Brandon Kerr

    Brandon Kerr

    5 napja

    “You’re going to have to fork them”

  • Joshua Hudson

    Joshua Hudson

    5 napja

    We used to build tumbleweed bonfires. Ever see 40 foot tall flames? I have.

  • T2266


    5 napja

    Australia: lost the war against emus.
    the USA: lost the war againt tumbleweeds.

  • Serpentaria


    5 napja

    We must become one with the tumbleweed. Lay with them. Learn their secrets. Then launch the attack!

  • Sperg Ferguson

    Sperg Ferguson

    5 napja

    the tree equivalent to this is the Russian Olive

  • Athora


    6 napja

    I thought they legalized those here in cali?

  • Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    6 napja

    I was expecting tumbleweeds to chase you and murder you

    Oops- wrong game

  • bagging area

    bagging area

    6 napja

    Watch out when they can roll on water

  • Peter Feng

    Peter Feng

    6 napja

    Shouldn't there be tumbleweed outside 3:44

  • IAmSeamonkey


    6 napja

    Can we get 10 hours of the DOA scooping tumbles?

  • Superbug 3003

    Superbug 3003

    6 napja

    snow is amazing no matter how thick, i prefer above 2 meters

  • Peter Feng

    Peter Feng

    6 napja

    Texas should be careful with her gun 4:56

  • Maria Cargille

    Maria Cargille

    6 napja

    Anyone else look at this thumbnail, and assume it was about tribbles?

  • aquila zyy

    aquila zyy

    7 napja

    Clearly those man from DOA don’t know how to dry a Monument in Minecraft.

  • Tin Chun Long

    Tin Chun Long

    7 napja

    Just bring the Chinese. They will eat all of them. All of them

  • Paul Gabriel Balangao

    Paul Gabriel Balangao

    7 napja

    Good thing we don't have tumbleweeds in our country.

  • Awsome Dude

    Awsome Dude

    7 napja

    Its like coronavirus

  • John Kennedy

    John Kennedy

    7 napja

    i feel like this was an intentional play on the trouble with tribbles

  • |KYE|SickHead


    7 napja

    If we invested in genetic engineering... We could make this plant produce some CBD, they would be instinct by the end of the month.

  • Eva Jimenez

    Eva Jimenez

    8 napja

    I live in missouri and ive only ever actually seen 1 tumbleweed. It was huge though.

  • Jesse Mallender

    Jesse Mallender

    8 napja

    Love the RimWorld aesthetics of the bird’s-eye view shot 💕

  • Tom Cagle

    Tom Cagle

    8 napja

    Tumbleweed (AKA jimsonweed) is a violent halucinogen. Guess what it does to livestock?

  • Amethyst Orchard

    Amethyst Orchard

    8 napja

    I want the loop of that tumble shoveling

  • Tom Cutts

    Tom Cutts

    9 napja

    They're just a plant version of Tribbles.

  • Insanity Cubed

    Insanity Cubed

    9 napja

    This could go horribly, but we might just be able to engineer a disease to kill them off.

  • Tictac Maybeau

    Tictac Maybeau

    9 napja

    So they’re like the Kudzu of the west

  • Julie Reshe

    Julie Reshe

    9 napja

    Oh god...
    I hope that one tumbleweed in duck pond market (without a duck pond) does not spread;-;'

  • Kuttispielt


    9 napja

    The thumbnail together with the title reminds me of trouble with tribbles

  • LocalDoomBoi


    10 napja

    can you smoke this tumbleweed?

  • John Samuel

    John Samuel

    10 napja

    Waiting for the next Tumble- apocalypse

  • Nelbert Wolf

    Nelbert Wolf

    10 napja

    I ain't even seen tumbleweed other than on tv what am I doing here

  • Singe Stheos

    Singe Stheos

    10 napja

    0:04 weird shadow behind the canyon backdrop. Is this an easter egg or unintentional?

  • ヅArjani


    10 napja

    Couldnt it be more efficient to go after yet to dry out tumbleweeds?

  • Triston m

    Triston m

    10 napja

    I'm from South Dakota

  • Joel C

    Joel C

    10 napja

    The trouble with tribbles

  • Suppertimepuss2


    10 napja

    As you speak the tumbling bastards are multiplying in your office.

  • Animatizando


    10 napja

    I clicked this thinking it was something about Don't Starve LOL

    • Rafael Rodrigues

      Rafael Rodrigues

      7 napja

      Open it and find some twigs

  • Nathan Jarboe

    Nathan Jarboe

    10 napja

    Damn, I didn’t know tumble weeds were such a big problem. But why is Tumbleweed not a problem in Russia?

  • doggie0819


    11 napja

    if its excessive , why cant people collect it to burn energy or utilize the material for anything?

    • Oliver Walker

      Oliver Walker

      10 napja

      thats actually genius

  • RenegadeMastah


    11 napja

    Australia: _loses a war to emus_
    USA: *loses a war to plants*



      3 órája

      @Sam Morton Lmao good one

    • Sam Morton

      Sam Morton



    • Naga Pandian

      Naga Pandian

      2 napja




      3 napja

      N U K E E M

    • dynadude


      5 napja

      Those plants are much harder to get rid of. How can an american solve a problem they can't shoot at

  • nataka billingsley

    nataka billingsley

    11 napja

    Can you do a similar video about the trouble with squirrels?

  • Solo


    11 napja

    I actually love tumbleweed

    If you take the tumble out

  • Rexty nelpenguin

    Rexty nelpenguin

    11 napja

    Why dont we just burn them

  • kig thing

    kig thing

    11 napja

    Tumble weeds were never kind of nice

  • Matnsmith Smith

    Matnsmith Smith

    11 napja


  • Jart988


    11 napja

    Well, we could get rid of the weed if there wasn't so much demand…

    …oh wait



    11 napja

    well when it comes to tumbles i say we let loose the great balls of fire

  • SidtheKid


    11 napja

    I love it xD here I am meniacly laughing at the chaotic existence of a dead plant xD

  • Oleg Golubev

    Oleg Golubev

    12 napja

    We haven't Tumbleweeds in russia btw. There are zero plants and never be

  • Aung min

    Aung min

    12 napja

    World War T