Super Simple DC Motor

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Is this “Homopolar” motor too easy to be true? Just a wire, magnet and battery…
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    Hello BOOMers! Hope you have a fantastic Monday! From now on you can be proud of being a BOOMer! Because it means you watch ElectroBOOM!
    [Message from admin] The Right Hand Rule I show is for MOTORs, for GENERATORs you use Left Hand Rule, or flip I and B finger assignment. ALso, I don't have an admin, I AM the admin! OK BOOMers?!

    • quick gamer 135

      quick gamer 135


      Ok boomer

    • Shubham Singh

      Shubham Singh

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      I eat boomer😂

    • shanmukh srinivas

      shanmukh srinivas

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      I think its Flemming s left hand rule that is used to determine force.

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      Mr. Pumpkin

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      How about me? Im a zoomer! Guest in now the 13 yo BOOMer

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      mad zak

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      I am so missing those modem sounds...))

  • Small Guy

    Small Guy

    50 perccel

    I did one of Theas for my science project last year. you need to make sher you have a curent through the batery and you need coper at the bottom to make it spin and that needs current runing through the coper it needs to be coper because coper sends a rotation magnetic pheald while electrons are running though it and you need at least two magnets to make it spin

    • Small Guy

      Small Guy

      41 perce

      so it dose not mater what material

    • Small Guy

      Small Guy

      44 perccel

      oh I was wrong you don't need coper tell me what material did you use

  • Mathew Vasquez

    Mathew Vasquez

    2 órája

    I should show this to my class tommorow

  • Michael S

    Michael S

    4 órája

    Straight up awesome

  • Alexandro Avila

    Alexandro Avila

    11 órája

    Looks like it could work as a brake

  • Raptor CC

    Raptor CC


    Here's a dumb a joke for you guys:
    Do you know what he needs?


  • Askejm



    AA battery + wire chandelier = die Rotation

  • Artpoomjohn



    0:57 I laughed at this more than I should have, because I always do that when thinking about magnetic field LMAO




    If I ever become a villain, my escape plan would be using hundreds of batteries with magnets that let fans rotate... they'll be glued to a glider XD
    me: "You won this round, hero... but the war isn't over yet... ta-ta for now!" jumps out the window and glides away with makeshift floating glider

  • Excyte


    3 napja

    Pretends hes searching that up on youtube for the first time. Bunch of videos already been watched half way ahaha. give this man an oscar

  • Inconcinnus


    3 napja

    7:48 for class i had to make this motor but in place of the battery we had wood with thick wire in it looped at the top and we put the armature in the loops and then used a dc power supply to power it.
    it was pretty fun, the class was about electricity and electromagnets, though it was a quarterly class and the quarter just ended. almost spelled "quarter" like "quater" because i'm so used to the spelling of "quaternion" since i've been working with them lol.

  • dogbarbill


    3 napja

    The "aah-aah battery" reference almost made me fall out of my chair I was laughing so hard!! I'm glad I wasn't eating or drinking anything at the time. I'm going to start using that reference myself.
    Of course there's also the aah-aah-ahh battery as well.

  • Mridula Biswas

    Mridula Biswas

    3 napja


  • Personal Channel dddddddddddD:DDDDDDDDDDDDDsssssssss

    Personal Channel dddddddddddD:DDDDDDDDDDDDDsssssssss

    3 napja

    0:27 For the love of god close those tabs

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    4 napja

  • The Stream guy

    The Stream guy

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    Spam this time thing 1:05

  • Achyut Saxena

    Achyut Saxena

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    Thank you sir for this knowledge

  • Kane Games

    Kane Games

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    "This is what made him famous and exposed his...


  • cll1out


    4 napja

    A few years ago I built that second type of motor you made. I actually got it running pretty smooth. I don’t remember sanding only one side of the magnet wire but I may have had the first type of magnet you had oriented just right. It worked really well and I could get it to spin pretty fast using 2 AA batteries. Winding didn’t get too hot for me.

  • Steffko_96


    4 napja

    "strong neomedeum magnet" xD 1:45

  • WizzyBotCraft


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    Wtf isnt is the left hand rule???

  • mrkiky


    4 napja

    "So I have a strong neomidyio magnet and I stick an Ah-Ah battery on top of it"

  • pyroboy417


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    Lol when you get lost in the right hand rule sauce 🤣

  • Guodlca


    5 napja

    The dancing was pretty cringe, nice.

  • tomss


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    * The kud f*cking die *
    Oompa loompas: 4:58

  • Mohamed Junaid

    Mohamed Junaid

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    Seriously i really like this mans videos...its funny at the same time so educational....this mans legend

  • EpicGeekDimension


    5 napja

    The right hand song is genious cover on "be prepeared"! That was awesome!

  • Minecraft knight

    Minecraft knight

    5 napja

    Jiffies lmao

  • pavan mariserla

    pavan mariserla

    5 napja

    At 8.55 there is a mistake

  • Paul Zutz

    Paul Zutz

    5 napja

    Everyone needs to pause the video at 2:18 and read the definition for jiffies

  • Logan Karr

    Logan Karr

    6 napja

    Hey man, do you think you’ll ever do a video on how a touch screen works?

  • Oshe Shango

    Oshe Shango

    6 napja

    This man smoked too much legal weed.

  • Augustine


    6 napja

    I want an ah ah battery 🤣

  • Son Of The Sea

    Son Of The Sea

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    Collab with styropyro!!!!!

  • Xiellion


    6 napja

    I'm way too stoned for that musical number man

  • Jeremie challenger

    Jeremie challenger

    6 napja

    *"AND YOU SHALL NOT BE A DUMMY AGAIN"* made me agree

  • * Loads LMG with religious intent

    * Loads LMG with religious intent

    7 napja

    It should turn or vibrate

  • RaptorNX01


    7 napja

    I love Ahah batteries. much better then A-ha batteries because i was always hunting high and low for them.

  • Karl Martin Tessand Jensen

    Karl Martin Tessand Jensen

    8 napja


  • Xdminecraftvids


    8 napja

    The magnet is on the wrong side



    8 napja

    If you can ,upload a video on step by step construction of homopolar motor

  • krankykid 08

    krankykid 08

    8 napja

    3:32 nyooooooooooooooom

  • bori1769


    9 napja

    I love youre videos dude u make my day on every video

  • Skie S

    Skie S

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  • Ouilegarcon


    9 napja

    An uh uh battery

  • Em P

    Em P

    9 napja

    The full bridge rectifier or how is it called ? I ain't told the paths of electric magic. Somehow my electrical lessons never worked, the first school who should feature it (i live in austria and in our school career we tend to visit at least 3 types of school bevore we could get jobs or keep going to school to gain access to universidty, you normally should get lessons in electricidty in the second school already) had no teacher who could teach it so no lessons there and the one im in currently ( last year bevore universidty quallification) had a bad teacher who didn't care abbout the lessons as it where his last years at school. Too stupid that i found interest into soldiering and easy to make electrical gadgets.

  • Roben1221


    9 napja

    I dont know what are talking about most of the time (lack of knowledge) but man i love they way you make these videos. Also I wish there would be a longer version of your song about right hand rule xD thanks for entertainment :D

  • Hashim C A

    Hashim C A

    9 napja

    Aa aa battery 😂

  • Shubham Singh

    Shubham Singh

    9 napja

    I maid that one but with wire magnet and a battery but 'plasma channel' MAID WITH ONLY WIRE WITHOUT ANY MAGNET WITH I CAN'T ABLE TO DO

    • Shubham Singh

      Shubham Singh

      16 órája


  • M O O S E

    M O O S E

    9 napja

    Imagine this guy Building a Nuke😂

  • crazy gamer

    crazy gamer

    10 napja

    They used copper

  • Mr Mahurakar

    Mr Mahurakar

    10 napja

    Middle finger is for current , index finger is for magnetic field and the thumb is for motion , you idiot

  • Xiang Rong Eo

    Xiang Rong Eo

    10 napja

    Eeeee a gay motor..... :(
    ...... eeeeeeee....?!

  • corgiboy


    11 napja

    If one of your video's didn't have any wires popping or spark then there would something wrong with the video

  • Karac Hecox

    Karac Hecox

    12 napja

    @ElectroBOOM .I HAD TO COME TO YOU FOR THIS! PERPETUAL MOTION WITH ZERO RESISTANCE USING QUANTUM LOCKING! COULD IT BE?!? (Love your stuff man. I know there's no free energy, but this seemed like a pretty good place to start. I'd love to hear your take brother. Keep up the good work!)

  • do g sss

    do g sss

    12 napja

    Medhi: [sees something fake on Youtube]
    Also Medhi: Now this looks like a job to me.

  • Destiiny Smiith

    Destiiny Smiith

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    He said detective pikachu

  • Snoop Team

    Snoop Team

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    0:43 OMG I ALMOUST DIED 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Roger Raunim

    Roger Raunim

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  • Keshav Karunakaran

    Keshav Karunakaran

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    "In a few jiffies".
    2:16 for meaning