Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden

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Samuel L. Jackson and James Corden act out snippets from Samuel's legendary film career, covering everything from "Pulp Fiction" to "Jurassic Park."
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The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden
  • Myriah Lyons

    Myriah Lyons

    5 órája

    A time to kill. Eve's bayou, pulp fiction, Django, etc. This is Oscar Worthy material and they just continue to disrespect smh

  • Jeremy Jackson

    Jeremy Jackson

    8 órája

    At this point He doesn’t deserve an Oscar and Oscar deserves him.

  • Audge Modge

    Audge Modge


    This is great but in Jurassic all that was missing was him flinging an arm

  • Krystina Land

    Krystina Land


    So no one noticed samuels eyes glowing during the hateful eight scence... Wtf?

  • Michael Sheflo

    Michael Sheflo

    2 napja

    An amazing filmography: my favorites are (1) "where is my supa-suit?!?" and (2) "hold on to ya butts!". I use these lines all the time.

  • James Liao

    James Liao

    2 napja

    hitman's bodyguard?????

  • James Liao

    James Liao

    2 napja

    what a LEGEND

  • Nitay Iohan

    Nitay Iohan

    2 napja

    3:13 got him boys

  • ¡Bεהt¡sh'Ց ¡ȠεƬ

    ¡Bεהt¡sh'Ց ¡ȠεƬ

    2 napja

    Samuel L. Jackson doesn't age...he look always the same

  • PartyNorth


    4 napja


  • Emeralds world

    Emeralds world

    4 napja

    He's 70? I thought he was 41!

  • Green Sprite

    Green Sprite

    4 napja

    His voice hasn’t changed that much from when he was in Pulp Fiction

  • Jj Lin

    Jj Lin

    4 napja

    It's Samuel "Legend" Jackson my friends.

    • Edith Domeij

      Edith Domeij

      2 napja

      why did i say "Samuel L Legend Jackson"

  • Dana Hoxie

    Dana Hoxie

    5 napja

    3:10 he forgot to take off the hat! 😂 and look at Sam’s face when he does. That was pretty much the only time he broke character 😂

  • Asa'El I'srael

    Asa'El I'srael

    5 napja

    Wonder why he didn't do juice?

  • whocares .u?

    whocares .u?

    5 napja

    Where is Shawshank Redemption?😜

  • Kayla Daffanya Putri Dermawan

    Kayla Daffanya Putri Dermawan

    5 napja


  • Ricky Samrai

    Ricky Samrai

    6 napja

    Though they might have done 51st state

  • jacesaces15


    6 napja

    damn, Black REALLY dont crack....

  • Tianna Gonzales

    Tianna Gonzales

    6 napja

    They usually plug things at the end and i was like NO. You did not just leave out Nick Fury

  • George Ross

    George Ross

    7 napja

    No parody for Lakeview Terrence and Rules of Engagement

  • Lancelot Amondit

    Lancelot Amondit

    7 napja

    what is the song at 9:59 ? please

    • hallvard økland

      hallvard økland

      12 órája

      "hold on, im coming" - Sam & Dave

  • hasy shibli

    hasy shibli

    7 napja

    Jackson have no need 4 oscar....but the oscar deserves Samuel l. Jackson

  • Panthera sapiens

    Panthera sapiens

    7 napja

    Mr. Samuel Jackson, one of the best actors ever!!!

  • Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman

    7 napja

    He got a lot of roles with guns

  • Antonio Smith

    Antonio Smith

    8 napja


  • Ally McDonald’

    Ally McDonald’

    8 napja

    I love SLJ but where has lo cool j gone?? Super bowl! Loved it when he told the reporter off..
    another star is Denzel W, where has he gone?
    I have seen every movie except the avengers movies..

  • ביבי נתניהו

    ביבי נתניהו

    8 napja

    And the crazy thing is that this is not all the movies he have done

  • Vadim Green

    Vadim Green

    9 napja

    He didnt say mother fu***er even once!

  • Nea Haapala

    Nea Haapala

    9 napja

    Do this with Will Smith

  • Mad Kevin

    Mad Kevin

    9 napja

    They forgot his 2 minute appearance in true romance 😂

  • dcfrmf3


    10 napja

    Aw... I was hoping they'd do A Long Kiss Goodnight.

  • AdriCule


    11 napja

    Que grande es!

  • Caitlin Gem

    Caitlin Gem

    11 napja

    Man watching this makes me want to have a SLJ movie marathon.

  • Hiss Mau

    Hiss Mau

    11 napja

    What a fabulous amazing magneficient performance by Samuel Jackson and by full support of James Corden

  • Alex Lagas

    Alex Lagas

    12 napja

    That "Deep Blue Sea" FX was actually better than the original one :-)

  • Piga Chu

    Piga Chu

    12 napja

    The fact that he recreated his finest lines and best pieces in under 11 min is crazy

  • jose blanco

    jose blanco

    12 napja

    SAm is still to this day has the greatest lines in movie. the bible phrase in pulp fiction deserverd and Oscar

  • JoelJoestar


    12 napja

    Where’s the hitmans bodyguard

  • 13Babeloe


    13 napja

    Very entertaining. Many movies...

  • Cindy Mosgrove

    Cindy Mosgrove

    14 napja

    They forgot the Hitmans Bodyguard...

  • Andy Velasquez

    Andy Velasquez

    14 napja

    That was probably just almost half of the movies he's been in! There's actually way more!!!

  • Hsuan Chang

    Hsuan Chang

    14 napja

    I wish there is a show for every actors and actress like this, can learn a lot and can appearciate some actors or actress works. For example, I do not know Samuel L. Jackson very well, nor am I familiar with some of the movies' title, but this way I get an understanding.

  • Thusara Rajapaksa

    Thusara Rajapaksa

    15 napja

    Wow James great work man #greatwork 👍👍

  • Jordan Cole

    Jordan Cole

    16 napja

    I watched this to see samuel recreate his character in Django unchained lmaoo SMFH

  • Banyo


    18 napja

    For reference, Samuel L. Jackson has made at least 132 movies! What a career! Most burn out long before they get to be his age, but every year, he's in like 5 movies.

  • Gary Telford

    Gary Telford

    18 napja

    No Gator from Jungle Fever..tut tut

  • Asaf


    18 napja

    this is why you are here for 9:39

  • Daniel Meiland

    Daniel Meiland

    19 napja

    The car in the Jackie Brown scene was a Trabant.

  • George Ghazaryan

    George Ghazaryan

    19 napja

    I was waiting whole time for Star Wars and Avengers. Am I the only one?

  • Chloe Upson

    Chloe Upson

    20 napja

    Barely leathal?

  • Faisal Rrahmani

    Faisal Rrahmani

    20 napja

    This was 3 years ago

  • Nicky MNR

    Nicky MNR

    20 napja

    Is it just me or does Samuel L jackson looks alike Lawrence Fishburn ?

  • Anakin skywalker

    Anakin skywalker

    21 napja

    How did mace die in star wars?

    *he flew out the windu*

  • kddog88


    21 napja

    Samuel L. Jackson is so diverse in his talent. This man is truly an icon. The best ever acting out their film segment with James Corden.

  • Rafael Félix

    Rafael Félix

    21 napja

    what movie? any of then!
    who's him? the black guy!

  • Ayub Samuel

    Ayub Samuel

    21 napja

    Sam is a legend.

  • Denis Sato

    Denis Sato

    22 napja

    Why for all you s say: " The only" 🧐

    • Jack Laird

      Jack Laird

      20 napja


  • R IJJ

    R IJJ

    22 napja

    Who is the avenger guy in blue, second from left, between lady and thor? At 9:52

  • Angela Greene MBA PHD MD

    Angela Greene MBA PHD MD

    22 napja

    This is what Foreign people get all wrong
    Is what ??
    Movie : COACH CARTER

  • Riaeth Shiba

    Riaeth Shiba

    24 napja

    I think you should invite Johnny Deep to do things like this 😂
    And I think everybody'll like it :)

  • 쪕홉


    24 napja

    OMG How come he is older than my grandma!!!!!!!

  • Chalphon


    26 napja

    Sat here waiting the whole clip for Long Kiss Goodnight...

  • Rony Roy

    Rony Roy

    26 napja

    Admit it, this would be incomplete without the snakes on a plane

  • QuiLiTro TimThAq

    QuiLiTro TimThAq

    26 napja

    nooooo.... he is not even 65!!!! such a liar!!!!!

  • andrew wohlfart

    andrew wohlfart

    27 napja

    Has to be, hands down, the most talented actor in film history.

  • Quân Hồ

    Quân Hồ

    27 napja

    Where is hitman's bodyguard?

  • Ryver


    29 napja

    Samuel and James were amazing but shout out to the crew who kept up the speed and good work

  • Amanda cook

    Amanda cook

    29 napja


  • Michelle Alexandria

    Michelle Alexandria


    awesome but no Long Kiss Goodnight? A X-Mas Classic!

  • Matt Wicked

    Matt Wicked


    Jackson is one HELL of an actor. He's always been one of my top actors on my list. Every movie he has done is golden.

  • AndyP Previews

    AndyP Previews


    I don't even touch the bible until this guy make it a cool thing to read it out loud honestly.

  • Yoosuf Haitham

    Yoosuf Haitham


    James you were in doctor who

  • Jimmy Kiddo

    Jimmy Kiddo


    u cant make a video with Samuel l jackson and censored his cursing!! that's illegal

  • TheSongwritingCat



    He's a great actor but he can still have fun playing pretend. It's nice to see an actor who doesn't take himself too seriously.

  • Rakanoth




  • Vegan Zombie

    Vegan Zombie


    True legend!

  • 28mm RPG

    28mm RPG


    its awesome to see comedy... not some political motivated drivel!

  • Speedster 101

    Speedster 101


    Good job in Italy,Red? Those were bangers

  • Guangyuan Wei

    Guangyuan Wei


    James: how many films you in
    Samuel: 1,2 3 a to the 4, snoop doggy 🐕 dr Dre is in the 🏡
    James: man cut the bullshit N*gga
    Samuel: sure A LOT