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  • Fire dragon128v

    Fire dragon128v

    2 órája

    9:10 WhAt YoU mEaN fAm?!? ThE mOoN iS mAdE oF cHeEsE!!!

  • Helios3D


    15 órája

    When you were birthed? Nah, i dont think so

  • Daniel Tranter

    Daniel Tranter

    22 órája

    I'm Australian😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • EmilyGacha_Games



    2:25 clearly the “r” means “retarded” for _them_

  • Mario


    2 napja

    Basically the every exit sign in schools

  • Maka Scythemeister42

    Maka Scythemeister42

    3 napja

    Love the Deadmeat shout out

  • kasen sdn

    kasen sdn

    3 napja

    At Walmart baby changing station said baby hanging station I’m dead

  • Hiro Shima

    Hiro Shima

    3 napja

    the last man shown in your video is a woman

  • coroso136


    5 napja

    Wait i dont understand the first one. People eat Medium rare food like that all the time dont they

    • I’m an idiot, but

      I’m an idiot, but

      2 napja

      dude those people got salmonella then

  • Bluey


    7 napja

    i was going to write a comment that australien was australian in french until i realized what was actually wrong

  • Jack Frtruck

    Jack Frtruck

    13 napja

    I thought 3:22 would be a disney movie thing

  • invisible cacti

    invisible cacti

    18 napja

    I lost hope for the human kind

  • Hello There

    Hello There

    18 napja

    The best part is the music though. It is perfect with his voice and perfect for reddit.

  • afterox


    19 napja

    0:41 that’s the New Zealend flag aswell...

  • Jim Cornette

    Jim Cornette

    20 napja

    My phone always asks me to review places I just drive by. Combine that with old people who don't understand technology is why you get those dumb reviews

  • Jim Cornette

    Jim Cornette

    20 napja

    He was in the right track though because there is at least one word tat does by that rule of a spelling is USA and e is England. Its absolutely killing me that I can't remember tee word it's right on the tip of my tongue and Google is no help does anyone know what I'm talkin about

  • Gustav Bay Høegh-Guldberg 4C Hadsund Skole

    Gustav Bay Høegh-Guldberg 4C Hadsund Skole

    21 napja

    Im from Denmark and i Can say that they Were takling about it and Then they had the picture

  • Gacha Galaxy owo

    Gacha Galaxy owo

    21 napja

    7:07 I think they mean fly on a plane

  • rulipari


    21 napja

    Why is "Australien" in facepalm. Thats just the German name for Australia...

  • Animations with IJ

    Animations with IJ

    21 napja

    you that read wrong
    You that read wrong too
    Fooled ya boii

  • Lochlan O'Driscoll

    Lochlan O'Driscoll

    22 napja


  • Liggliluff


    23 napja

    (0:42) "Australien" is not in English, and that spelling is correct.
    What you did miss is that it is actually the flag of New Zealand, which has red stars. Australia has white stars, and one additional under the Union Jack.

  • Super BottleBros

    Super BottleBros

    23 napja

    7:34 those chicken strips made the eater do that...

    it's recycled chicken

    the turd looking stuff is probably more safe to eat than the original chicken strips.

  • diesel boi

    diesel boi

    23 napja

    since when did koalas live in the amazon

  • Tommy Gun

    Tommy Gun

    24 napja

    Why would a light bulb need WiFi?

  • VestigialHead


    24 napja

    Mammals are NOT humans. So yep maybe you are stupid chief. Especially as the previous vid was about England being in London.
    Humans are mammals - but mammals are not humans. Unless you were deliberately messing this up?

  • Stannyboi 9000

    Stannyboi 9000

    24 napja

    4:42 befriending Mr beast

  • Xq_Gamer 56HU

    Xq_Gamer 56HU

    24 napja

    In Iraq the Iraq cinema cost EVERY MOVIE 7$
    10.000 DINNERS
    on Mondays its 2$ on Every movie EVER
    5.000 DINNERS

  • John Anic

    John Anic

    24 napja

    8:15 koalas don’t live in the Amazon though they only live in eucalyptus forests in which the Amazon is not.

  • Hannah Ratliff

    Hannah Ratliff

    25 napja

    *looks in eyes* those are chicken strips buckeroo