Lewis & Gigi | Driving School

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Check out what happened when we sent four-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton back to driving school with supermodel Gigi Hadid. Oh, and we put her in the driving seat... #WhatsYourDrive

Tommy Hilfiger
  • Zachary shimray

    Zachary shimray


    I mean let's be honest she need a proper real dick.

  • 87plank


    4 napja

    Lew, Lew, Lew 🤣

  • RandomTechS@#T


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    These people are too cool, why do I even exist?

  • Rosh 007

    Rosh 007

    4 napja

    Fuck her lewis

  • Vantheman12 3

    Vantheman12 3

    5 napja

    You have to give Lewis his due. One of the greatest racing drivers to ever draw a breath. Pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

  • Kenzi


    5 napja

    How tf do they let this imbecil whoever it is drive lewis around at those speeds, she legit might have crashed. Hes a damn national treasure

  • Matthew Lewis

    Matthew Lewis

    6 napja

    Lewis saving the planet once again. Double standards. Endorsing a fashion brand who doesn’t manufacture from sustainable sources and flying around the world in a oil burning private jet and then driving around in a fuel guzzling F1 car. Honestly Lewis, I will take you seriously when you hang up the helmet, move out of your big house into a mud hut and get rid of all of your clothes and wear a simple bit of cloth. Also whilst your at it sell your jet and all your polluting hyper cars, oh and stop chartering that yacht, only then will people listen to you, until this happens please keep your double standard opinions to yourself as you are making yourself look like an even bigger idiot than you already are.

  • Jas Singh

    Jas Singh

    6 napja

    I'll tell u what, out of all the woman that are in her field, the kardashians, Hiltons, pop stars, Gigi is the ONE without a doubt.....

  • ꧁ St. Melih ꧂

    ꧁ St. Melih ꧂

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    devamı bırezırsta :D:D:D:DD::



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  • White people smh

    White people smh

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    Snip them!

  • Ildar Galiullin

    Ildar Galiullin

    8 napja

    Is she a model? Lol she's so ugly

  • Peter Harris

    Peter Harris

    8 napja

    and now for something else

  • South Coast Cinematography New Zealand

    South Coast Cinematography New Zealand

    9 napja

    The connection.

  • Force


    9 napja

    Dishwasher learns to drive!

  • Renée De Beer Saab

    Renée De Beer Saab

    9 napja

    Gigi is stunning!

  • Midas


    11 napja

    No one:
    Gigi: Get in here Lewis!

  • VK


    11 napja

    Cant see what is so appealing about the overrated Gigi?

  • Samuel Shevels

    Samuel Shevels

    11 napja

    Lewis goes on about saving the Amazon but yet he promotes clothing which does the biggest damage to the planet. Making clothing does more damage than cars. What a dick

  • Ivan Corda

    Ivan Corda

    12 napja


  • Vasilis Kat.

    Vasilis Kat.

    12 napja

    Bang her

  • Jose Luis Roiz

    Jose Luis Roiz

    13 napja

    Yes, grab and pull the driver's arm while turning and speeding, that was so fucking smart! ...

  • Urizen


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  • Dani


    14 napja

    I want that jacket

  • 30fps 101

    30fps 101

    15 napja

    Well no need add "don't attempt" obviously I can't afford

  • Usama Qadeer

    Usama Qadeer

    16 napja

    Ohhh Myyyy Gooooddd
    Lew Lew Lew
    Hammertime 😈😈😈😈

  • Matteus Santos

    Matteus Santos

    16 napja

    Who is this girl?

    • Mikawelll


      12 napja

      Random top model.

  • Razor's Edge

    Razor's Edge

    18 napja

    Radio: Lewis it's Hammer time.

  • Vishnou JR

    Vishnou JR

    19 napja

    gs do iwant any question to be asked i'm going on a trip and will be seeing him i'm not a race fan atleast i can ask your question

  • just like that

    just like that

    24 napja

    And what's the point of this?

  • Willianto Mulyono

    Willianto Mulyono

    24 napja

    Lew lew lew... im coming... aghhh~~~~

  • Валера


    27 napja

    Why they dont have sex ?:)..

  • napus nap

    napus nap

    27 napja

    Gigi : do you like going fast..
    Lewis : with you..I wish I could hold longer..but I think I couldn't

  • Bozi Miletic

    Bozi Miletic

    28 napja

    Did she get to hold his gear shift stick?

  • chaitupeaky GrandMaster

    chaitupeaky GrandMaster

    28 napja

    6 Time f1 champ only one for the record.
    Lets get it Lewis....!!!

  • Andres Rincon

    Andres Rincon

    28 napja

    So tommy hilfiger is making cars now hmm

  • Diego Capellaro

    Diego Capellaro

    29 napja

    Number 1 😁

  • 1nodmonkey



    But did he nail her

  • Speck Of dust

    Speck Of dust


    Lewis has the moves 😜also congrats x6 world champion 👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • 7 7

    7 7