KIDS REACTIONS To Kitten And Puppy Surprise On Christmas Compilation 2017

Közzététel: 2017.szept.28.
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Videos of awesome kids that react to getting a kitten or a puppy as a gift / present surprise for Christmas. Kittens and puppies are apparently the best presents to surprise your kids. Puppy surprise compilation. Kitten surprise compilation.
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  • Pastel Gacha¡Hooman!

    Pastel Gacha¡Hooman!


    9 kids cried XD

  • Mo


    2 napja

    You suck

  • 3A01 Ching CHAN

    3A01 Ching CHAN

    2 napja

    I want a pet Pomeranian

  • Mahaloth


    2 napja

    Why did I wear headphones

  • umar khan

    umar khan

    2 napja

    I am crying too 😢

  • Kadega Boukha

    Kadega Boukha

    3 napja

    2:08 why you do a kitten in a pack

  • Dog lover 321k AJ

    Dog lover 321k AJ

    3 napja

    Awww puppies!🐶🐕🐩🐺🦊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Mithrah tira

    Mithrah tira

    3 napja

    I no have puppys😭😭😭🤧😢😞😟

  • Hyuna and Jimin

    Hyuna and Jimin

    3 napja

    I never cry for happiness

  • Vincent Cutrufello

    Vincent Cutrufello

    4 napja

    2:26 XD

  • Avaricious Ambrose

    Avaricious Ambrose

    4 napja

    Why do so many of them cry

  • Ashal Tahir

    Ashal Tahir

    5 napja

    İ fill bad for all the animals who got scard from all those kids screaming

  • Moskula


    6 napja

    Älä kilju sen koiran korvaan

  • Seewshy 100

    Seewshy 100

    6 napja

    It’s lovely how happy these children is it’s just that dogs might get hurt because there ears. If u scream they will get hurt,

  • Leah loves

    Leah loves

    6 napja

    3:42 Pretty Much Me When I Found Out That I'm Getting My Own Dog Tomorrow OMG I'm So Excited 💙💜💖

  • egshiglen Saindelger

    egshiglen Saindelger

    6 napja


  • XxBeautyWolf


    6 napja

    I’ve never seen a boy cry in my life O_o 3:46

  • Þórdís Rúnarsdóttir

    Þórdís Rúnarsdóttir

    7 napja

    I remember when i got 2 dogs and i got exited but i didint scream

  • corona virus

    corona virus

    7 napja

    3:51 uhhh what type (:

  • corona virus

    corona virus

    7 napja

    The more they scream the more they make dogs get death dogs have really really good hearing and if u scream that almost makes them death

  • Pineapple


    8 napja

    I’ve had pets my whole life ever since I was born so I was never as excited as they were😊 but it touches my heart so much. (I was still very grateful though!)

  • cert_1hunn mulla

    cert_1hunn mulla

    8 napja

    They get so emotional

  • star chan

    star chan

    8 napja

    Omg I’m sooo jealous because my parents don’t like me having a cat

    • Calista Sangma

      Calista Sangma

      7 napja

      I may give you one if you want that Kitty

  • alf paw

    alf paw

    8 napja

    When They see puppy or kitten :cry #happy tears

  • mike f

    mike f

    8 napja

    those kids almost made me cry...

  • Chloewolf 101

    Chloewolf 101

    8 napja

    1:32 I was just dying at her face and then we she said let me hold it OMG I almost peed myself


    • StromZy


      6 napja

      @vecc76 it actually does tho xD

    • vecc76


      7 napja

      Chloewolf 101 yeah her face looks like the filter on tiktok that big face

  • Jennifer Grace

    Jennifer Grace

    8 napja

    I only live with my mom and I am a only child and I have no pets I'm lonley everyday

  • Memphis the German Shepherd

    Memphis the German Shepherd

    9 napja

    Dog: ohh wat u get me

  • Eva CookieName

    Eva CookieName

    9 napja


  • F A

    F A

    9 napja

    Drama queen

  • Waichun Yuen

    Waichun Yuen

    9 napja

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeee

  • getcha _tea

    getcha _tea

    9 napja

    One daughter: the DoG Is SoFt-
    The daughter that is my spirit animal: *mental brakedown comenses*

  • Yolo Penguin

    Yolo Penguin

    10 napja

    I thought they were going to be happy bought they were sad and cryd guess they didn't like the present :/

  • Mary Pop

    Mary Pop

    10 napja

    *The Schock ***

  • Arya Tais Demirhan

    Arya Tais Demirhan

    10 napja

    and 4:16 that one big mouth LOL

  • Chloé Chloé

    Chloé Chloé

    11 napja

    Why do they cry?

  • Shellyz2u


    11 napja

    Please fix your animal's! Don't let them breed. So many end up in bad homes

  • Shellyz2u


    11 napja

    Please teach your girls not to scream like banshees it is not becoming

  • Gaming Ledgens

    Gaming Ledgens

    12 napja

    To all those noobs who think the screaming is we to loud, I bloody did it with 3d audio and surround sound at full volume and didn't even wince, grow up and me a man!!!!

  • tiger roar

    tiger roar

    12 napja

    Aim sad my mom dont gife me cat

  • Anders Lindroth

    Anders Lindroth

    12 napja

    OMG! Stop screaming, you little brats!

  • nebulaaa


    13 napja

    i never screamed when I got a dog i just got confused

  • Sofia Alfaro

    Sofia Alfaro

    13 napja


  • Dragon Warrior

    Dragon Warrior

    13 napja

    OMG a puppy 🐶 awwww 🥰 so cute

  • Yi Be

    Yi Be

    13 napja

    This is eery

  • spideynoob Nuñez Barrios

    spideynoob Nuñez Barrios

    15 napja

    It that happen me i will get happy i love cats

  • Blueberry Gamer Gacha

    Blueberry Gamer Gacha

    15 napja


  • Lorena Sobral

    Lorena Sobral

    15 napja

    Se alguém mindece qualquer animal eu queria da rua porque eles passa fome

  • mohamed salama

    mohamed salama

    15 napja


  • White Shepherds

    White Shepherds

    15 napja


  • Zana Djordjevic

    Zana Djordjevic

    16 napja

    I don’t think they will even feed it. Before they get a pet, they really want it. After they get it. They’re like
    “Meh, my parents will take care of it.”
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  • Kakapot Animates

    Kakapot Animates

    16 napja

    This is just so happy!I am always happy when other kids are happy,like me.I just wish I have a dog.

  • Kate Mongiardo

    Kate Mongiardo

    16 napja

    i love the joy it brings to kids. I rember when i got two puppies for Christmas. it was truly magical

  • Bria Faye

    Bria Faye

    16 napja

    It's ok it's just a puppy

  • Onion extra

    Onion extra

    17 napja

    Dog: woof

  • Tubular_Tastic


    17 napja

    Dog cute and fun x-mas
    dog now: fat and old and grouchy.

  • Tubular_Tastic


    17 napja

    Kids crying.
    Dog smiling inside.
    Also dog: I start fires

  • Tubular_Tastic


    17 napja

    Kids screaming.
    Dog: Dead inside

  • Francisco eso estodo muy lindas rolas Flores

    Francisco eso estodo muy lindas rolas Flores

    17 napja

    they cry like if someone died i mean they can be Happy but they dont need to cry like that they give me a headake🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕😡😡😡😡😡

  • Ava Leech

    Ava Leech

    17 napja

    the kids are so dramatic and poor animals