Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.

Közzététel: 2020.jan.15.
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Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Doolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.

  • James Booth

    James Booth

    18 órája

    #1 On trending ! My man Joe is crushing it !!

  • Wouter Damen

    Wouter Damen

    18 órája

    just two dudes expressing their love for eachother

  • Tony Segreto

    Tony Segreto

    18 órája

    What kind of watch is Robert Downey Jr wearing?

  • ricky


    18 órája

    Thank you for taking that bull shit out of 1 on trending

  • philip aremo

    philip aremo

    18 órája

    Robert Downey Jr as doctor daniel jackson in a stargate reboot 🤔

  • Ih8 oats

    Ih8 oats

    18 órája

    This was a good podcast but I do wish the conversation didn’t always drift back to the avengers movies

  • Blade Walters

    Blade Walters

    18 órája

    Basicaly to extraordinarily rich hippies talking about nothing for an hour

  • Isaac Guillen

    Isaac Guillen

    18 órája

    I wonder if RDJ really had more shit to do 🤔 seems like Joe ended this a little early 🥺

  • nick


    18 órája

    One of my favorite actors happy to see him on JRE

  • Mark Rice

    Mark Rice

    18 órája

    I love this 3,000...

  • Youcerto - Back to Conversations

    Youcerto - Back to Conversations

    18 órája

    This could have been better, IMHO. Robert Downey Jr. is much more than some comic book actor, Joe focused way too much on that aspect of his work. I want to know more about him, not how comic book movies are made. I can learn that by watching the extras on the DVD.

  • Bowl Head

    Bowl Head

    18 órája

    That was the fastest hour of my life

  • aweffs


    18 órája

    PleaSe have Robert back on again

  • Tone Pope

    Tone Pope

    18 órája

    Dr. Sebi

  • Vash Stampede

    Vash Stampede

    18 órája

    Okay the more Robert talks the more I'm realizing the awesome roles he does are type casted. Plays iron man, has a similar childhood. Plays dolittle, owns a recuse farm.

  • Not a Google Business

    Not a Google Business

    18 órája

    I get the analogy. And it works pretty well. I will say though, once you've hammered your ten thousandth nail, you can absolutely *not* _be_ there. You're starting work one moment, next, the smoko bell's ringing and there's 20, Three Draw, Bedside Tables, or maybe 3 Extendable Dining Tables.
    Great Podcast as always. Thank you Joe :)

  • Theman3787


    18 órája

    This was by far the most profound episode yet. Loved it

  • Anthony George

    Anthony George

    18 órája

    Two and a half million views in about 15 hours.

  • astamper8182


    18 órája

    God I wish I was stoned for this!

  • Matthew Mansuri

    Matthew Mansuri

    18 órája

    it started off boring af with the vision topics, but ended up being the best podcast in a wHile...

  • Kevin P

    Kevin P

    18 órája

    Victim of Love was written by Don Felder

  • Max Zulu

    Max Zulu

    18 órája

    Get to bran ferren!!

  • Cory Watson

    Cory Watson

    18 órája

    if I was a rich as shit I would pay Robert Downey to come to my mansion for millions and drive up as Tony Stark and stay in character. Or any other character for that matter (Sherlock Holmes)

  • Jesus Christ Repent

    Jesus Christ Repent

    18 órája


    1. Admit that you are a sinner.
    2. Turn away from sin. (Repent)
    3. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you, was buried and rose from the dead.
    4. Through prayer, invite Jesus into your heart to become your Saviour.

  • CAM


    18 órája

    Joe 'married to the ball' Rogan

  • Liam Regan

    Liam Regan

    18 órája

    I wonder if YouTube will doctor the views on this one like the did Jones/Bravo pt 2 🤔

  • I'm Ashraf

    I'm Ashraf

    18 órája

    On Batman 42:52

  • shoethief


    18 órája

    Joe Rogan US Agent

  • KO! Prize Fight Boxing

    KO! Prize Fight Boxing

    18 órája

    Bob took the mantle from George Clooney for my favorite white dude a long time ago. Love this guy man!! Great interview, Joe!

  • Shantanu Pednekar

    Shantanu Pednekar

    18 órája

    It's amazing how well Tony Stark does a good Robert Downey Jr act.

  • Steven Robert

    Steven Robert

    18 órája

    Crazy how many views JRE episodes get. This video was posted 4 hours ago and already has 2.5 million views. You can see why people promote their product on Joe's show.

  • LoneStar Punishers

    LoneStar Punishers

    18 órája

    #1 trending!! Everyone was waiting for this to come out

  • vixan


    18 órája

    Have him on again next year or something, he's a great guest.

  • Stellar Archive Fan

    Stellar Archive Fan

    18 órája

    I want to know where the soil's decisions are being made, such as what it's focusing on growing, and what it's ignoring.
    We have women who have clearly stolen the appearance of Angels and the fertility service that should only serve plants, and these women are not fulfilling any of the responsibilities that Angels or plants are tasked with.
    This is a huge problem with evolution, causing racism, sexism in non-plants, and many other issues.
    PLANTS are the living relationship between the SOIL and the LIGHT of the star we orbit, so when the soil is BREAKING that relationship (by serving WOMEN instead of PLANTS)... We have rampant forest fires, falling water tables, and crop land turning alkyline...
    All of which result in the planet rapidly turning into a barren desert.
    This is not something to ignore.

  • MadVill 04

    MadVill 04

    18 órája

    "He writes, he directs, he acts"
    Taika waititi?

  • radioseppe


    18 órája

    He’s a fantastic unit but I’m interested what happened when he went somewhat batshit or something? I remember as being kid they had this scetch on the simpsons, where they toured hollywood and RDJr was having a shoot out with cops? Don’t wanna wikisearch, I want to hear it from the people. Not trying to make fun of him or any, love his works on
    - and off-camera.

  • J Rocks

    J Rocks

    18 órája

    Joe rogan interviews iron man should be title

  • Jake Clough

    Jake Clough

    18 órája

    I've never seen Robert Downey junior in profile took me a while to figure out it was him in thumbnail haha

  • tndrme1


    18 órája

    What the hell is w the thumbs down? What exactly is so offensive that you dont simply move on but feel compelled to protest?

  • Matt


    18 órája

    So what is his necklace, is there a story?

  • Kieran B

    Kieran B

    18 órája

    they just start talking about eye sight?... weird.

  • SAFU MAF00

    SAFU MAF00

    18 órája

    what about brand ferren? Joe! what are u doing! we need more time with this man. sucks how u just cut him out with no warning.. fu

  • LoneStar Punishers

    LoneStar Punishers

    18 órája

    Ppl need to chill lol
    If your a fan of any comedy. Then tropic thunder has to be a top 10 movie for you

  • Nicola Dusi

    Nicola Dusi

    18 órája

    One of the only few guests that is having a conversation with Joe AND Jamie. What a fucking great episode

  • Justin Neal

    Justin Neal

    18 órája

    Professor Hulk is from the comics Joe cmon now, Downey Jr tried to make it seem like the people who make the movies came up with that

  • Blade Runner VII

    Blade Runner VII

    18 órája

    Amazing how you can have this iconic actor and have this horrible interview.

  • Vash Stampede

    Vash Stampede

    18 órája

    I'm still picking up my jaw from the floor!! YESS!!!

  • Alex McGregor

    Alex McGregor

    18 órája

    Leutein and psylocibin and niacin...

  • Luis Tapia

    Luis Tapia

    18 órája

    2020 is starting off with solid episodes
    I love it

  • splicka


    18 órája

    we dont care about RDJ. he should have interviewed Tony Stark

  • Mark Jarvis

    Mark Jarvis

    18 órája

    I feel like they talked about iron man and acting far too much. Maybe it just felt that because it was only just over an hour long..

  • robert


    18 órája

    It just me or did Downey want to keep going?

  • Ric righteous

    Ric righteous

    18 órája

    Downy jr is boring all those big words hope easy to say but can he spell it eddy more fun

  • Jared Wallace

    Jared Wallace

    18 órája

    That’s awesome getting RDJ on your show Joe 👌

  • John Andrew O'Rourke

    John Andrew O'Rourke

    18 órája

    Why is the focus so s**t?

  • Alfiankinjawi 16

    Alfiankinjawi 16

    18 órája

    Trending namber one in Indonesia

  • Raphael


    18 órája

    I'm glad RDJ feels the same way as I do about Iron Man, and thinks that hes probably better left dead. I think why he's going to be remembered as one of the best characters in MCU is because that his character had an actual ending.

  • sean catlin

    sean catlin

    18 órája

    Fucking love RDJ  BEST MOVIE ..less THAN ZERO!

  • Tyler Hinkelman

    Tyler Hinkelman

    18 órája

    He needs sananga for his eyes

  • Delano P

    Delano P

    18 órája

    Hey Joe Rogan, I'm not sure if you've had this person on or went over this topic but you should check out nong rose in Thailand