I am incapable of feeling any emotions - (Reddit Ask Me Anything)

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  • SandJ Gaez

    SandJ Gaez

    17 napja

    So he’s like Flowey from Undertale...

  • Salt and Peppy

    Salt and Peppy

    19 napja

    Me, named Alex: he has been diagnosed by the Alex disease, _fuck yeah_

  • JirentheGrey


    20 napja

    "Fear drives everything, Stephen. Everything. Your life is governed by fear. Every decision you make is a product of that fear." -Dr. Jonathan Crane

  • Roger Balls

    Roger Balls

    26 napja

    Everyone normal until they self diagnose.

  • Tristan Lackey

    Tristan Lackey

    27 napja

    He is the real emo

  • Ariel Nunez

    Ariel Nunez

    28 napja

    Low-Key kind of wish I had this since I have serious anger issues but then I wouldn't be the funny and life of the party, or enthusiastic speaker I am.

  • Bruno Willich

    Bruno Willich

    28 napja

    I'm actually relieved that he's lying. Yes it's infuriating to see someone lie about something like this but it's even more infuriating to see someone suffer this.

  • aria


    29 napja

    He’s obviously lying

  • Shen


    29 napja

    Alexitimia it's not being capable of understand and distinguish emotions. it's from the autism spectrum. So OP is wrong. He just doesn't understand them. Can't explain them and they create this types of explanations for them.
    There are real disorders that numbs emotions like anhedonia. They are dangerous because they are usually sympthoms of depression.

  • Domi no

    Domi no


    Geralt of Rivia , is that you ???

  • Lukas Williamson

    Lukas Williamson


    11:54 sounds like me

  • CraZclocK



    Bruh I am kinda weird like this I do know how to show emotion I kinda just look dead most of the time I can feel emotion just not show it

    • CraZclocK



      Liz W idk if it’s worth it though I can still get by and I have a few friends so I don’t really think I need to get better 🤷‍♂️ and I kinda think it’s better to not feel sad about people dying cuzz I don’t want to feel that

    • CraZclocK



      I also don’t find things like people I know dying sad I just can’t make myself care at all

  • TWD Nerd

    TWD Nerd


    This is completely bullshit. EVERYONE has emotions, and if they didn't, then they might as well be a vegetable, because that is not humanly possible. People with emotional deficits do exist, but those people still have emotions. Psychopaths are a good example of this. Psychopaths are still capable of feeling some emotions such as anger and excitement, but because of their emotional deficits, they suffer from chronic boredom. Chronic boredom is a serious issue for them that feels horrible. It has been described as a type of extreme irritation that you just gotta get rid of somehow. This is why psychopaths have a really hard time conforming to social norms. They got to keep their brain stimulated somehow, and the most common way they get rid of that is doing something that will make them feel adrenaline (i.e. killing, stealing, getting in trouble, etc.). If this guy truly suffered from "no emotions", then he would be so, so bored that it will drive to do many, many crimes. He'd be serving a life sentence by now, or even worse: death sentence. There's no way a person could ever live a normal life, if they suffered from chronic boredom (which is a very serious issue). You can clearly tell how little of an issue he sees his "boredom" by the way he describes it. If he really did have chronic boredom, then he would've told us how horrible it is to suffer from it. He didn't, and he never went any deeper on how a psychopath's boredom differs from regular neurotypical boredom. And also, alexithymia is a condition where a person is unable to recognize or describe one's emotions. That does not mean emotional deficits. That means the person is unable to tell what they are feeling. The feelings are still there, they just don't know what they're feeling. Come on, guys. This one's so obviously fake, and honestly, if he suffered from emotional deficits, he wouldn't be here writing all this, as he would be too busy being in jail. Case closed.

  • Emalea Greaves

    Emalea Greaves


    I wish this individual would contact me. I’m highly fascinated in this type of brain. Probably because I, too am the polar opposite. I cry over commercials for fucks sakes. This person feels confused like it makes them strange and I literally can’t even begin to conceive an idea of what that feels like to not feel emotion, but since my hearts on my sleeve my emotion has always ruined a lot of really good situations for me including jealousy, not being able to let shit go at work, not being able to be the “bigger man” over pride or what have you like that sort of stuff really affects more than we typically think of and I have kind of secretly always wanted to be this person. If someone’s bad for you, no problem letting them go. Someone at work burns you, you were the one who cared enough about them to let them in even though you had a bad feeling to begin with. Stupid decisions would be done for all if we weren’t emotion driven. Just thought driven.
    Though I’m already bored enough I don’t envy the boredom this person likely experiences on the constant

  • Cecche



    Sound a lot like me but I still feel emotions, a little

  • Cecche



    So he has a job that he doesn't like but still has to go to?

  • hi hi

    hi hi


    So that means if I had a conversation with this person they wouldn't find me annoying?

  • Robert Clark

    Robert Clark


    I wonder how he feels watching anime with characters that 'can't feel emotions' but very patently show emotions
    Looking at you, Kingdom Hearts

  • WG Ophilia

    WG Ophilia


    this guy is faking it lol.

  • Dragon Slayer912

    Dragon Slayer912


    I guess I hav mild alexithymia

  • Peace !

    Peace !


    Just wait until this guy falls in love and becomes a yandere

  • Kank • 9 years ago

    Kank • 9 years ago


    3:18 I'm just imagining him breakdancing with a completely straight face with no emotion at all

  • NinjaJaiah



    I Hope They Werent A Murderer In Highschool Over Someone They Love.

  • Isabel



    sounds like a perfect customer service worker

  • Vulltarex



    This is obviously 100% bullshit

  • Dyeace



    He wants something (girlfriend, sex, company) but is incapable of feelings, including feeling anything for receiving other things (gifts). Big contradiction. I keep watching, and he talks about his parents death....yeah this dude is full of shit

  • Abdo Awkash

    Abdo Awkash


    Reminds me of Kazuo from Battle Royale

  • Virginia Diaz

    Virginia Diaz


    are they an aquarius lol

  • OminousPotato



    This guy could make a fortune playing poker lmao

  • Wargun785



    *ok boomer*

  • Lucas Jordan

    Lucas Jordan


    I wonder what he thinks about social norms, honor, and being polite to others. Like does he care about that stuff?




    this guy is lying

  • 12DAMDO



    also known as semi-sociopathy

  • Loki Thallier

    Loki Thallier


    "We live in a society"

  • W!ld Thing

    W!ld Thing


    I am also incapable of feeling emotions so I understand how it feels

  • connor brennan

    connor brennan


    Robot man

  • Skaii Lovesyou

    Skaii Lovesyou


    You can make novel outta this, you can say the partner can feel at ease because they neither like not dislike you, it's like whatever I do will never offend u or whatever

  • Cherry Production

    Cherry Production


    I don’t know if anyone can contact him or anything i don’t know how reddit works.. but as i was listening the video it came to me as a shock i had exactly his mental disease last year.. i was in depression for many many years and my emotions were slowly fading to inexistence. At the enf I didn’t love my family, nor my friends and myself, but i was crazy for a boy at my school who i never talked to but tought off all the time. The school ended last summer and since he was a year older he gratuated and i knew i would never see him again. My sexuality was the only thing who brought me happiness, all the rest was faked out. But with time emotions started to come back and now i love my family, my friends and i have a boyfriend. It’s still hard to feel emotions (negative or positive) in quite important events (my family giving me a car or my sister telling me she got rape was hard for me to feel emotions(i felt something just not as much as i should have)) and i want to improve this in the future. but i want to say to you that you can heal from this, i support you :)

  • Ryan M

    Ryan M


    this guys full of it

  • deceased and done

    deceased and done


    I'd be the one dickhead who'd ask 'how do you feel about your condition?'

  • Helena L. Vaquera

    Helena L. Vaquera


    This is making me sad. First sad for him but then just generally sad

  • Despicable Peep

    Despicable Peep


    Wait so this whole time I asked myself if this cringy GLMM "Emotionless" existed in real life
    My question just got answered and that makes me feel satisfied-

  • yambè *

    yambè *


    You know...if he doesn't feel emotions. How does he feel lust or sexual desire for that matter?

  • a n y o n e

    a n y o n e


    Alexithymia is not even classified as a disorder, just a personalitytrait.
    It can have reasons though, like bad experience, depression and so on...
    People with Alexithymia usually have emotions but struggle to recognize and understand them. Instead, they often feel physical symptoms.
    They are often very rational, head-driven people.

  • AliE



    This guy is fucking saitama

  • A



    That's not what alexithymia is, it is when you lack the ability to UNDERSTAND your emotions. Like so many of people with this condition can't distinguish a headache from being angry, or for example feeling horny. THEY DO feel emotions, the OP is just lying.

  • Frankie Moir

    Frankie Moir


    Generally, i would love a friend with no emotion, as i, cannot feel empathy. So i have no friends!

  • Xera Vall

    Xera Vall


    This dude is the definition of "thinking with your head, not with your heart".

  • Emanuele Del Grande

    Emanuele Del Grande


    So he's just a college freshman

  • Jemai Ramos

    Jemai Ramos


    but it's not something to diagnose

  • DipZ And ChipZ

    DipZ And ChipZ


    I know a kid like this, he’s a dickhead.

  • Luny Cipres

    Luny Cipres


    These are obvious lies... The things don't add up.
    He just looks bored and apathetic.
    I'm in like a similar state most of the time except when I experience something completely new or am playing sports...
    I also fake emotions at funerals because I feel bad for not feeling the same as others... But it's not really big deal because I didn't really personally know them.
    Also as pointed out the parents' death thing is mismatched
    Edit: I'm exactly like the way he described when I'm on periods lol... I have to reduce my emotions to not feel pain but I still feel happy sometimes

  • rebecca rhb

    rebecca rhb


    Very fake

  • lemongrass and peach

    lemongrass and peach


    He's faking it. Many of his statements contradict one another (saying his parents death traumatized him while he was young, then saying he didn't care about his mothers recent death) and he appearantly has other posts where he speaks of feeling remorseful, anxious, etc

  • Jaypes



    Yes this really does throw into question the reliability of reddit users and therefore these videos as a whole.

  • Robin W

    Robin W


    er. alexithymia definitely doesn't mean inability to experience emotions?
    also from what i can find it's not something you're diagnosed with

  • S.A. Rise

    S.A. Rise


    1:50 to 2:12 tho Hit the nail on the head killed that reasoning

  • Dank Samosa

    Dank Samosa


    Is Alexithymia a symptom of ASPD?

  • Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo Gonzalez


    Kristen Stewart is that you?

  • Andrew Martinez

    Andrew Martinez


    so need to point out that it was proven that if you have absolutely no emotions then you wouldn't be able too make any decisions. at all. you would be a rock essentially.