Eating A Floating Finger

Közzététel: 2019.okt.21.
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Skiing Leaves: pB3r9nimou8G/
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Cat and Pig:
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Daily Dose Of Internet
  • Paul B

    Paul B


    Man solves world hunger- 2019, colorized.

    • Toni Peric

      Toni Peric

      6 napja


    • SquareHead64


      8 napja

      btw that's just cannibalism

    • SquareHead64


      8 napja


    • ShubbyShabaas


      15 napja

      Vegans: *Oh really?*

    • Kent


      22 napja

      @Luis thats the joke

  • the letter h

    the letter h

    3 órája

    1:47 what the squads mic sound like

  • Lucario Plusher

    Lucario Plusher

    6 órája

    Me: can we play golf
    Mom: no. We have golf at home
    The golf at home: 2:14

  • Sam NeJELLO

    Sam NeJELLO

    9 órája

    You have no idea how bad that is for your skis 🎿😂

  • eva marie sam

    eva marie sam

    10 órája


  • eva marie sam

    eva marie sam

    10 órája


  • Mehdi Assadi

    Mehdi Assadi

    11 órája

    1:45 who else felt the trees about to hit you?

  • Pyingu memeru'

    Pyingu memeru'

    11 órája

    1:59 *gangbang*

  • TheAsianOne WC

    TheAsianOne WC

    12 órája

    I will climb that staircase who’s with me

  • Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia

    13 órája

    I love how he said kitty

  • Reset 795

    Reset 795


    2:08 is she’s or he ummmm naked

  • Brody Headings

    Brody Headings


    Why is this on my recomwnwrd list while I’m tripping tf out on acid

  • Lowrowbloxlee Lee

    Lowrowbloxlee Lee


    This man used 3 sports that don’t go together what so ever

  • Gabi Chlup Lps

    Gabi Chlup Lps


    Floating finger is a twins mode, that makes you mirrored. And he was in the center, then the floating finger was his left hand.

  • Uday Paleti

    Uday Paleti

    2 napja

    The piggy's face when the at was licking it 😊

  • Mj Gamer

    Mj Gamer

    2 napja

    Lol it’s TIK TOK

  • Nicko7931


    3 napja

    Man: Reverse skiing
    Tree root: I’m bout to end this mans whole career

  • NovalRoihan_Animation


    3 napja

    0:32 its fake but it still good xD

  • The Big O

    The Big O

    3 napja

    2:06 hold up. Is she naked?!

  • Dani BC

    Dani BC

    3 napja

    2:44 *BRUH*

  • Luminous X

    Luminous X

    3 napja

    Ok, this is getting too random..

  • TylerDaKat Xxx

    TylerDaKat Xxx

    3 napja

    Um that's a filter if you didn't know

  • 10geese


    3 napja

    Kitty doesn’t know that it it haram

  • Kyle Patrick Mendoza

    Kyle Patrick Mendoza

    3 napja

    Daily dose of internet makes a title "Eating a floating finger"
    Comment section:
    *Talks about pizza*

  • Little Hippies Homestead Channel

    Little Hippies Homestead Channel

    4 napja

    Pour guy who was sculpting that thing

  • Just a Random Channel

    Just a Random Channel

    4 napja

    2:14 stop you’re making my brain hurt

  • Amazingseed


    4 napja

    Buy the 7.99, sell it at 8.99

  • Aiden Pae

    Aiden Pae

    4 napja

    Anybody gonna talk about how that person looks naked while they are with the sharks?

  • Hunter Duany

    Hunter Duany

    4 napja

    Oh yeah well we have a $7.99

  • Laser Shawty

    Laser Shawty

    4 napja

    I did the 2nd one and some woman got mad

  • Noelio


    4 napja

    You have the most faggiest voice ever bud

  • White cnarvia Edits

    White cnarvia Edits

    4 napja

    Poor pottery artist

  • Stable Table

    Stable Table

    5 napja

    Ur telling me all I needed for infinite food is a mirroring filter?!

  • Amanda kate Butler

    Amanda kate Butler

    5 napja

    0:47 I was like “yeah I’d climb that” then the shot widened and kept going so I was like “...weLL”

  • Gyranos


    5 napja

    That guy is the only person I know on this planet, that can mirror his face and not look like an abomination

  • Tired Artist

    Tired Artist

    5 napja

    You need snow to ski
    This man: _Well yes, but actually, no_

  • Pedro Hernades

    Pedro Hernades

    5 napja

    That's not real its just tik tok I see the logo

  • Willis McGillis

    Willis McGillis

    5 napja

    Im climbing those stairs.

  • Bread


    5 napja

    2:22 nice joke you made their

    *Nude* E-branch

  • Al8 Ama8

    Al8 Ama8

    6 napja

    Wow , papa jhon
    is honest in this video not like the other he might be knew pizza hut is beter than him