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Take a look at our best and longest records, including old classics and new favourites. From the longest hair ever to the longest monster truck to the longest nails ... well, you get the idea!
At Guinness World Records we want to show that everyone in the world is the best at something, and we’re here to measure it! Whether you’ve got the stretchiest skin, know the world’s smallest dog or want to create the largest human dominoes chain we want to hear about it.
Here on the Guinness World Records HUstore channel we want to showcase incredible talent. If you're looking for videos featuring the world's tallest, shortest, fastest, longest, oldest and most incredible things on the planet, you're in the right place.
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Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records
  • Guinness World Records

    Guinness World Records


    Take a look at our llooooooooong records. From the longest hair ever to the longest monster truck to the longest nails ... well, you get the idea. What one's blown your mind?

    • Izzy Humpage

      Izzy Humpage

      7 órája

      I think the woman with the long eyelashes

    • •HunniBear•


      2 napja

      Longest wave surfed by a DOG A LITERAL DOG

    • Haadia Abdul Ghaffar Khan

      Haadia Abdul Ghaffar Khan

      5 napja

      I dont have a record , but my tongue is 4"

    • Nelvin Miguel

      Nelvin Miguel

      9 napja

      The animal ones! Also about the other records, I'm really shook. Because on the *largest group of people dressed as Albert Einstein* , it includes my school! So I'm really proud, but I'm not telling which school is it for personal reasons, I also heard of that "Einstein" event last year lol *_i got it from the book_*

    • Creative 8D

      Creative 8D

      10 napja

      Can I break a world record ? I’ll break the longest boiling water bath The record now is 14.2 days I’ll beat it in 15 days , or 360 hours in hot water

  • Morgan Crock

    Morgan Crock


    Every comment: thats what she said
    Me: thats what HE said

  • Îts Teddÿ

    Îts Teddÿ

    3 órája

    And I thought witches had longer noses

  • Naisha Bien-Aime

    Naisha Bien-Aime

    7 órája

    2:05 the noise😋😋😋😋😋

  • Shunichi


    14 órája

    longest pp

  • Itz Heejab

    Itz Heejab

    16 órája

    These peeps have snake tongues 🤗

  • Katie Kluesner

    Katie Kluesner

    21 órája

    I have a long tongue too i can even touch my nose with it

  • antoine yazbeck

    antoine yazbeck


    The long nail are disgusting

  • Baran Bey

    Baran Bey


    Mehmet dayı kesin yozgatli

  • kittylover2010 c:

    kittylover2010 c:


    i have a long togue and i typed this with my togue lol im not lying

  • Donald_Duck



    О, Катька Лисина😂

  • Puggy Boi

    Puggy Boi



  • Nexo Mii

    Nexo Mii


    Dang that's long

    Me: That's what she said

  • Heather Barnett

    Heather Barnett

    2 napja

    That man nails are crusty

  • Juan He

    Juan He

    2 napja

    Everybody is unique 😄

  • *DEG oyun tv*

    *DEG oyun tv*

    2 napja

    Türkün rekora bak slsllelslsls

  • Dailyn Gonzalez

    Dailyn Gonzalez

    2 napja

    Dang that's long!!!me: thats what she said

  • Joseph Frank

    Joseph Frank

    2 napja

    Tangled in real life

  • Big Bang

    Big Bang

    2 napja

    TÜRK yok mu TÜRK



    2 napja

    Mehmet Özyürek as bayrakları

  • Eren Çapa

    Eren Çapa

    2 napja


  • Onur ÜNALDI

    Onur ÜNALDI

    2 napja

    00:10 as bağrakları TR

  • Nathalie Mercier

    Nathalie Mercier

    2 napja

    IMAGINE if someone ripped that single chest hair off...

  • Gunay Ismayilova

    Gunay Ismayilova

    2 napja

    0:10 turkler buradami?

  • 슬라임킹


    2 napja

    I wonder what is the longest peni...

  • ShadowCATgaming Clips

    ShadowCATgaming Clips

    2 napja

    1:20 how anime portrays 5 foot 9 girls to 5 foot 9 boys

  • cho ;

    cho ;

    3 napja

    ummm, i think you should change the title.

  • Sarena Florez

    Sarena Florez

    3 napja

    The title is THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  • Roblox'cu Egoist

    Roblox'cu Egoist

    3 napja

    0:10 & 1:01 TURKİSH 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Alperen Karaçay

    Alperen Karaçay

    3 napja

    Hello Guiness. My name is Alperen. I'm world tallest boy. I'm 13 years old. My tallest
    1.95 m.

  • Rebekah Ray

    Rebekah Ray

    3 napja

    imagine all those injuries if the monster truck crashed

  • wolff //

    wolff //

    3 napja

    0:00 - 10:50 Dang that's long

  • ヨッシー君岩下


    3 napja


  • rawa ari

    rawa ari

    3 napja


  • C A N C E R D A R K

    C A N C E R D A R K

    3 napja

    9:39 that name give me mental shock

  • the goldenfox army

    the goldenfox army

    3 napja

    2:02 real repusle be like

  • Esila Ebrem

    Esila Ebrem

    4 napja

    0:10 Türkiye bayrağı en büyük Türkiyeeeee

  • Kawai Joan

    Kawai Joan

    4 napja

    Wow the longest monster truck looks like a limo truch tbh

  • Yagız Lüz

    Yagız Lüz

    4 napja

    Türkler +1 leyin

  • gacha melon watermelon

    gacha melon watermelon

    4 napja

    I used to have dreams about my nails being too long I didn’t need feet I would use my nails as feet

  • meet senpai678

    meet senpai678

    4 napja

    Ehem men you all know why were here

  • yisel iglesias

    yisel iglesias

    4 napja

    Oh repunzle repunzle let down your nails

  • Tiktok heart

    Tiktok heart

    5 napja

    Can i make world record please 😟 i no how to make please please please please please please please please please.

  • きったー


    5 napja


  • Finlay Hamm

    Finlay Hamm

    5 napja

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Tokito


    6 napja

    Dudeperfect: are you a joke to me
    that one guy: :Nope

  • Guacamole


    6 napja

    Who else got the title the wrong way

  • fathimath eva

    fathimath eva

    6 napja

    I have a toung that long.

  • Iluvhentai


    7 napja

    Dude that’s girls tongue looks like cooked groundbeef😩😩😩

  • Vladlen Kasimov

    Vladlen Kasimov

    7 napja

    *РОССИЯ!* 1:22

  • Yuna ARMY

    Yuna ARMY

    7 napja


  • Shadow Girl

    Shadow Girl

    7 napja

    The dog is the best

  • Lucynda Berkey

    Lucynda Berkey

    8 napja

    Mochi is actually very cute cause of the long tounge. KITTY!!!! LONGEST TAIL! So cuuuttteeee!

  • Lucynda Berkey

    Lucynda Berkey

    8 napja

    1:29 She reminds me of the TikTok song that goes like "They tried to put me undercover. But my legs were TOO long!"

    • きったー


      5 napja


  • Sneevemation Studios

    Sneevemation Studios

    8 napja

    Bro the person with the longest nails prob a MASTER at sleeping.

  • Wens Leigh

    Wens Leigh

    8 napja

    I want to share a video, a react video according to this. Pleasee allow me to share this video with me. Im a new vlogger and I want to share this, also my reaction. Thank you so much.♥️

  • Brawl Apo

    Brawl Apo

    8 napja

    1:08 Türkleri Görebilirmiyiz

  • Jaédian Hiwat

    Jaédian Hiwat

    9 napja

    0:46 who is gonna eat that lollypop?

  • Masud Shah

    Masud Shah

    9 napja

    খান*র পোলা

  • Sir Yagurzaki

    Sir Yagurzaki

    11 napja


  • Driza Marie

    Driza Marie

    11 napja

    I just wanna know to those people who have that looooooooong nails is....how would they wipe their butt after taking a dump?

  • Lehmecun


    11 napja

    🇹🇷Türk var mı!

  • j a s m i n

    j a s m i n

    11 napja

    Dongthatsalongname is quaking

  • Indrajit Ghosh

    Indrajit Ghosh

    11 napja

    0:44 guess what else that tongue can do.....~

  • Nvthi _xx11

    Nvthi _xx11

    11 napja

    1:33 when the party's over

  • 5K subs without any videos

    5K subs without any videos

    11 napja

    I can predict the number of dirty jokes in this video

  • OverLord


    11 napja

    I Though dude perferct had the record for longest blind folded shot

  • VoidG0d


    11 napja

    Dude wtf why there’s my Peepee here?!

  • Rocio Jimenez Trinidad

    Rocio Jimenez Trinidad

    12 napja

    2:21 R.I.P. Records Guinness

  • Elena Knockaert

    Elena Knockaert

    12 napja

    Dats so long !!!!!!!!!

  • Doğan Stars

    Doğan Stars

    12 napja

    Bu bize bir hakarettir 🤣

  • sabrijay298 3

    sabrijay298 3

    12 napja

    The title is what she said 😏

  • Robin Thompson

    Robin Thompson

    12 napja

    6:00. That was so scary!!

  • exotic czech

    exotic czech

    12 napja

    1:02 mario

  • daffaahermawaan


    12 napja


  • Andrei’s corner

    Andrei’s corner

    12 napja

    Gunniness world is how long i took at bath

  • army, universe,nerverland

    army, universe,nerverland

    12 napja

    TÜRKIYE 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷

  • { Alex }

    { Alex }

    12 napja


  • herzchen aus glas

    herzchen aus glas

    12 napja

    Eida was ist wenn er auf einmall niessen oder husten muss😳😱🤔. Dan wars das🤣😅

  • Cwgalaxy 612

    Cwgalaxy 612

    12 napja

    No surprise my you know whats not in this vid