Clueless White Guy Orders in Perfect Chinese, Shocks Patrons and Staff

Közzététel: 2020.jan.20.
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The other day I went into a bunch of Chinese restaurants as an ordinary but kinda clueless white guy and ordered food in fluent Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). It was a really fun prank and social experiment to see Chinese people’s reactions - both the waiters and the other patrons in these NYC Chinatown restaurants were totally shocked! Thanks everyone for supporting me on my language learning journey - Fuzhounese videos coming up very soon!
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Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约
  • Donald J Trump

    Donald J Trump

    12 perccel

    Us: welcoming Chinese immigrants

    China: get daaa fuk outt of ourrr conterieeeeeeee

    Yes country Ik I spelt it wrong for the thing

  • dirty uniform

    dirty uniform

    58 perccel

    The guests are more impressed than the waiters.

  • Waldo Forsest

    Waldo Forsest


    The only food I like is vegetable lo mein

  • Javier Ramirez

    Javier Ramirez

    2 órája

    Like si bienes de un poco de todo

  • LusitanoDeGema


    2 órája

    The timing of this videos getting on my recommended omg

  • Nicole Raheem

    Nicole Raheem

    3 órája

    Ok so I started learning Mandarin the end of December. #Selfstudy but I also enrolled in a Chinese course in college for this summer. 2020 or whatever.
    I studied half of the Hsk 1 vocabulary and moved on to sentence structure just to understand wth I was hearing when watching my Cdramas.
    Now, I'm back to studying HSK1 words just to memorize it all and be a step ahead when I finally attend chinese class.
    So, I figured why not apply what I learned right?
    Simple stuff.
    Words such as:
    "Zhe Shi shenme?!
    And xiéxie and nihao.
    Simple stuff.
    "wo mingtian blah blah blah "
    I haven't expanded my Chinese vocabulary enough.
    Anyway, it's like- with the response I've been getting, they seem attitudinal and indifferent.
    Now, I don't know if it's because I'm black and I typically dress in street wear or my tones are off, but I think I have nihao, xiéxie and Zhe Shi shenme Memorized after hearing it over 100 times in over five cdramas in 300 episodes combined.🤦🏾‍♀️ I'm certain. #HumbleCauseiKnowNothing
    So, with that being said, I became discouraged to speak what I've learned.
    I've come to the conclusion to wait to speak what I've learned, take a course in college and take PRIVATE lessons on the side si that when I'm as advance as this guy, I can later TROLL like him too. 😂
    It only makes sense

  • Lolalexz00


    3 órája

    A conclusion I can tell from this video: he seems to eat a lot

  • Giulia Pugliese

    Giulia Pugliese

    3 órája

    The second hand cringe knows no limits.

  • Lizzy HunnaK

    Lizzy HunnaK

    3 órája

    It's really not impressive that you know Chinese. people are bilingual all the time, being white doesn't make you special.

  • gguktae ;

    gguktae ;

    4 órája

    How can the people at the tables hear from afar???

  • Xian Lu

    Xian Lu

    4 órája

    First, your chinese is far from being perfect. Check out 马思瑞 if you don't know what perfect is. Second, you did not shock them. In fact, it is really creepy and disrespectful that you zoom in on strangers' faces and make comments on their facial expressions. Not a fan.

  • Elise Park

    Elise Park

    4 órája

    damn she straight up shit on awkwafina

  • Booty Queef

    Booty Queef

    5 órája


  • Mirac_67 x

    Mirac_67 x

    5 órája


    No offense

  • Dafitkof mardoskof

    Dafitkof mardoskof

    6 órája

    Ok, this guy gangsta till one of them cough

  • Brenden Perdue

    Brenden Perdue

    8 órája

    damn them noodles look so fucking good 🤤

  • Steven Andersson

    Steven Andersson

    8 órája

    I've been working in a Chinese restaurant as the frontman for 6 months now. Everyday they teach me 10 words in Chinese. Can't wait to learn how to speak as good as you.

  • - spinach

    - spinach

    9 órája

    Michael McIntyre at 4:33

  • wammmmmmmm


    10 órája

    I'm extremely confused, he looks exactly like the guy who did this cringy "how to get free Starbucks" video



    10 órája

    Get well soon corona virus 🦠

  • Gacha Dere

    Gacha Dere

    11 órája

    6:08 FAN GIRL MODE *ON*

  • Kit-ana22 Fellow-Kitty

    Kit-ana22 Fellow-Kitty

    11 órája

    Okay now I'm focusing on Japanese for now I got a visit of a big group of Japan students and yeah....think it's gonna happen again so I'm gonna ace dis! >w

  • Ethan Bridglal

    Ethan Bridglal

    12 órája

    1:49 guy in the middle on right looks like every jackie chan movie villain 😂😂

  • Stan Buttersworth

    Stan Buttersworth

    13 órája

    Big deal, everyone else is speaking their native language in the video along with English.

    Why is it so amazing?

    70 Asian people in video speaking Chinese as well as English = No big deal.
    Why is it any big deal for youtuber to speak two languages? What about all of the other people in the restaurant who are speaking English?

    Got me scratching my head on this one.

  • 囧xiaosen


    16 órája


  • Jez Renwick

    Jez Renwick

    18 órája

    6:40 is hips don't lie in background, that restaurant owner has good taste

  • Just a bird

    Just a bird

    19 órája

    people looking at him as if he is an alien from an outer space

  • Alex Tom

    Alex Tom

    19 órája

    That's me when there is so more separate tables left 😒😅😒🙂😒

  • Thomas B

    Thomas B

    20 órája

    Clueless commenter comments in third person

  • Daniel Hermodson-Olsen

    Daniel Hermodson-Olsen

    21 órája

    This is good quality content.

  • I once thought I was wrong but I was just mistaken

    I once thought I was wrong but I was just mistaken

    22 órája

    How is this shit impressive? There's millions of Chinese people that speak perfect English at McDonald's in the US

  • Christopher Chen

    Christopher Chen

    22 órája

    Is making your video named clueless white guy a super trigger on the YouTube algorithm? 24 million views in 1 month dude... All of Chinese America loves you.
    If I'm honest I'm really jealous of videos you film like this. I know some haters are gonna be like Yo this guy just walks around flexing Chinese eating food vlogging. But you know this takes absolute concentrated power of will to do. Firstly just gaining the confidence to solo some visits like this is incredibly easy to procrastinate or chicken out on. The reason that it's so hard to learn a language in the first place is because the vast majority of us can't find the courage to endure the embarrassment of making a fool of yourself when saying words that sound completely foreign to you.
    This guy is not only willing to learn a language but is willing to face the ridicule of the internet for the purpose of finding entertainment in culture. It's true lots if us abc that can speak Chinese are like... Umm more than half the Chinese community can speak English and Chinese...
    Really the entertainment value comes from the shock factor. I mean I know a lot of people are making a face in the videos because obviously there's a video recording device around and everyone gets angsty when a guy is walking around with a recording camera and as I am of course impressed by the skill but more than anything... The interactions he creates are so disarming the people no longer feel on guard and you can tell the reactions to his chinese are 100% genuine.
    Great concept, please do a collab with strange parts. Build an iPhone in NYC... Get scotty to eat food. Maybe try to look for a contact at tasty or a cooking channel to introduce Chinese food to the western world. I mean the more authentic stuff... Not super slimy in texture but... Similar to the Taiwanese breakfast episode you did before... But maybe actually get an interview with the chef with what's in the food... Why do Asians love those flavors.
    Or keep giving out chrysantimum tea... I love your production. Let the good times roll.

  • David Gonzalez

    David Gonzalez

    23 órája

    What China Town in the USA o know so we got the carona virus already then ok

  • xXExoTickXx-_-



    it‘s corona time

  • An ne

    An ne


    Impressive ❤

  • rorto002



    How is he clueless?

  • ding ren

    ding ren


    好烦这种啊。。会中文就会中文呗 为什么要 这么 得瑟 显摆。。?

  • Abbie Crowell

    Abbie Crowell


    you know its authentic Chinese when they are playing Shakira

  • It's me Tim

    It's me Tim


    You are making my day 😁
    If you ever need a camera man, let me know 👍
    Fellow New Yorker 🎥

  • Maita Cutler

    Maita Cutler


    dude no racism but you're gonna get covit19




    "Your Mandarin is better than hers!" LMAO!

  • Tung Ngo Quang

    Tung Ngo Quang


    Next video : Go to the English restaurant AND SPEAK ENGLISH

  • Jacob Bowerman

    Jacob Bowerman


    Learns second language to literally make videos of himself showing off so not just the waiter but all of YouTube can "admire" him.....smh

  • Relaxation sounds

    Relaxation sounds


    La próxima vez prueba la sopa de murciélago 🍵🦇

  • Harvey Eidam

    Harvey Eidam


    Well you did sort of bait all of them into thinking you were clueless so this video is pretty pointless

  • Bboy Mannases

    Bboy Mannases


    Im asian as shit but I can't speak Mandarin should start my own channels and do the opposite of whatever this guy is doing

  • Abdulrahman Der King

    Abdulrahman Der King



  • Consciousness



    This is pretty cool. At the same time, I really wouldn't want to. The language doesn't sound that nice and the way they eat with the chopsticks looks and sounds dumb rather just roll it up on a fork with a spoon play sit in my mouth and not have to slurp up the noodles. I'm at the end of the day you're doing all this to learn how to order the cheapest kind of food possible it's not like you're ordering like gourmet food it's just Chinese only does it not impress me much but I don't even trust the standards people are really dirty and they look like they have a lack of compassion for others I wouldn't trust that with my food. I started eating Thai food out and it's so much better than Chinese if I had to choose.

  • Jerry PC

    Jerry PC


    I would find it better if he spoke Chinese right away. that would be better. it's more like fishing fore compliments

  • Dawud Khan

    Dawud Khan


    Are u stuck in China cause of the corona virus 🦠???

  • Mui Lawrence

    Mui Lawrence



  • Àex Rà3

    Àex Rà3


    Keepsafe bro. Corona Virus anywhere

  • Depth Charge

    Depth Charge


    You speak it perfect lol!

  • FLUX



    Dude your apetite is really something.
    Seeing this video made me want to learn chinese too.

  • Nathan



    always feel much respect if foreign guy speak hometown language

  • Sertan



    Michael McIntyre at 4:35

  • jian han

    jian han


    keepfit 哦 小马😄

  • Gema Cruz

    Gema Cruz



  • E Lungus

    E Lungus


    Low key wanna learn Chinese just to do this




    *Did somebody say corona?*