Clueless White Guy Orders in Rare Chinese Dialect, Patrons SHOCKED

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Thanks to ExpressVPN for the sponsorship; go to and find out how you can get 3 months free! Today I went to NYC’s Brooklyn Chinatown as a clueless white guy and ordered food in the rare Chinese dialect of Fuzhounese. The other patrons in the restaurant were completely shocked!!!
It was a really fun prank and social experiment to see Chinese people’s reactions - both the waiters and the other patrons in Sunset Park were totally shocked! Then we walked around in the Chinese New Year parade and chatted with vendors and other people in Fuzhounese and Mandarin; their reactions were hilarious as well!
Thanks everyone for supporting me on my language learning journey - part 2 of these Fuzhounese videos coming up very soon! And also Happy Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year!!!
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Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约
Xiaomanyc 小马在纽约
  • Chris Unknown

    Chris Unknown

    41 perce

    I also would love to learn!

  • renny huang

    renny huang


    okay, am i the only one silently correcting him because it just doesn't sound right? before ya'll attack me, i am fuzhounese so i think i know what i'm talking about :) lol

  • David Mohr

    David Mohr


    I am getting addicted to these videos its a beautiful thing :-)

  • Ammo123



    6:19 Cmon man your white you cnt be sayin that

  • ASMRHype


    2 órája

    And this is how covid 19 spread so fast in NY

  • zyxwvutsrqponmlkh


    3 órája

    Keep spreading that wu flu.

  • sukuvar


    3 órája

    chinese are looking good but i dont know why they had spread the coronavirus worlwide..i know these people are american Chinese ...but i mean about mainland china and CCP

  • Mana Man

    Mana Man

    4 órája

    I can afford 1 min, need to learn "beer"

  • Manny Rodriguez

    Manny Rodriguez

    4 órája

    This was definitely before they locked down new York china yike

  • Allan Bennoch RFC #1

    Allan Bennoch RFC #1

    5 órája

    Only Chinese we got in Britain 🇬🇧 was Chris Tucker from Rush Hour films 😁

  • Alex Sears

    Alex Sears

    5 órája

    Can anyone tell me if there is a similar channel but for spanish?? Or simply, an English speaker going around speaking spanish?

  • Lourdes Ramos

    Lourdes Ramos

    6 órája

    Canon in my head: The guy who gave him the free lighter was like "why you gotta be so loud about the free thing" 😂

  • MzClementine


    6 órája

    It would be really cool to listen to the differences between Fuzhounese and Mandarin... can you do a video with your friend and share the difference with us?

  • Karli Hibinger

    Karli Hibinger

    6 órája

    I love how they're all instantly his best freakin' friend when they realize he speaks the language. xD

  • chuanist


    7 órája

    FYI: a bit too much blabbing before anything noteworthy takes place.

  • HUNG


    7 órája

    learn hungarian next and I bet you won't be fluent even after 10 years of learning

  • antoniss1997


    7 órája

    Thank you man you help me practice my Chinese! 谢谢我的朋友!

  • Orlando Rotundo

    Orlando Rotundo

    8 órája

    why do we need china is there is Xiaomanyc?

  • Larry Keagan

    Larry Keagan

    9 órája

    awesome that's unreal that you can speak and understand those languages, very envious but glad for you

  • Smoke House Residents

    Smoke House Residents

    10 órája

    he definitely pays all of these gay tutors with sexual favors, the predator

  • John W

    John W

    10 órája

    7:40 One dollar for one and if you take 2 I'll do it for 2 dollars... I'm sure there was discount in there..... somewhere... :o)

  • PowerMeta


    11 órája

    "certain countries" will censor your internet, huh?

  • Marina Antolín Murillo

    Marina Antolín Murillo

    11 órája

    Soooo... I’m Spanish and I speak French and I guarantee you that this doesn’t sound like neither 😂😂😂

  • Peggs GT

    Peggs GT

    13 órája

    Chinese new year: *Exists*
    Bats: Eat *Me*

  • Douglasville Darling

    Douglasville Darling

    13 órája

    Love Dave's hair 😻

  • Stelios Kontos

    Stelios Kontos

    13 órája

    exactly ten minutes hmmm funny how that happens

  • Heyalth


    13 órája

    im noticing a real lack of social distancing in this video

  • daystatesniper01


    14 órája

    My late father could speak fluent Chinese don't know which dialect ,he learn't it being stationed in Hong Kong for 25 years ,i can still see the faces of staff in Take aways/restraunts/Jumbo type places when he ordered in their tounge amazing to see

  • Fergus Gamer

    Fergus Gamer

    14 órája

    the coronavirus........

  • Hendry Isaacs

    Hendry Isaacs

    14 órája

    I just recently installed Express VPN 😀
    Must say it does the job that I've been struggling with for quite some time especially from bieng outside the States. 👍🏽👍🏽

  • GhostZombieYT


    15 órája

    How does the white guy have a more asian name than the Asian guy 🤣

  • HowlBeast


    15 órája

    3:13 The guy in the back was so shocked he stopped stirring his bowl lol & he acknowledged him

  • Dirty Pierre

    Dirty Pierre

    15 órája

    The comment you made about how people are so happy that someone can speak their local language is so true. Back in the 90 and 2000s I used to go to Spain for 6 weeks every year for 20 years.
    Now Spanish is spoken in so many countries that if you spoke poor Spanish in Spain people are non commital about it but if while in the Basque area of Spain and you spoke a little Basco really badly they would react with a big smile because it is unrelated to any other language in the world so it meant you actually went to the trouble of learning their local language.
    The kindness that was shown towards me after learning just a little Basco was unbelievable.

  • King Ozon Games

    King Ozon Games

    16 órája

    The best part of the video was seeing xiaoman more excited then the patrons of the shops

  • J-P Monette

    J-P Monette

    16 órája

    Me being fluent in French and English, I can really appreciate your passion for learning another language. I'm currently working on Spanish and German.

  • RWL de Bruijn

    RWL de Bruijn

    17 órája

    Quite the feat, but you do use the N-word a lot. :-)

  • CJ


    18 órája

    How does china have so many languages? Crazy!

  • Lan Ster

    Lan Ster

    18 órája

    That old guy was so funny lmao

  • V.E.D


    19 órája

    The British colonized the world and the Chinese coronized

  • Radu Coroi

    Radu Coroi

    20 órája

    He's wasting the chance to pick up GIRLS! Dude cmon

  • Jn JN

    Jn JN

    20 órája

    amazing.... i m fuzhonese from Malaysia...

  • Mickey Bitsko

    Mickey Bitsko

    22 órája

    True story: In 2005 we adopted two sisters from Russia. Ages 13 and 9. They obviously considered Russian to be their secret spy code, and said nasty things about their new parents, as they eventually admitted. I plotted revenge.....and that is a dish best served cold. Ice cold. Fast forward to 2019. I was on a business trip and had been sending voice chats back and forth to my daughters all day. It was time to spring my trap. I spent HOURS online learning how to say "I always thought it was amusing that you girls never knew I speak fluent Russian." Then recorded it and sent it.
    Total lie, of course. But it had the desired effect.

  • lite


    23 órája

    when he talks in english he seems like Ted Mobsy from How I Met Your Mother




    U speak better than me

  • ratagris21



    People appreciate you more when you connect with them through language and laughter.

  • Aaron Kuehner

    Aaron Kuehner


    Yellow dragon fruit is pretty dang tasty. :)

  • Mud Fox

    Mud Fox


    The camera a give away it’s so awkward to see

  • Star Moon

    Star Moon


    what's your take on the 5G mimic of the C Virus? you seem I'm asking 🚨

  • Ayurome



    Woa, the guy at the end taking his hood off 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rupert Rigsby

    Rupert Rigsby


    must be nice not having to work for a living

  • Karla Davis

    Karla Davis


    I want to learn and speak Chinese

  • jparker parker

    jparker parker


    I some what get the impression of his going around and acting like he does not speak Chinese dialect of Fuzhounese, then all of a sudden fluently speaking the language is a bit of a showing off and arrogant on his part...

    • Assassins Shpee

      Assassins Shpee

      17 órája

      And it’s the point of the video

    • Assassins Shpee

      Assassins Shpee

      17 órája

      Well, it’s not that, he just starts off in English and then changes to Fuzhounese

  • Oinkalluja



    Slave: Can I buy my Freedom?
    Slave master: 6:18

  • carole Brown-Gambino

    carole Brown-Gambino


    The Covid19 was going around that very day...the NYC leadership said 'Go out, enjoy yourself!'...Clueless?

    • dharma 3

      dharma 3


      Cuomo sucks - always has.

  • Joker



    Dude calls himself Clueless but is in fact a mr mijagi .

  • Carlos Dinero

    Carlos Dinero


    Gay chino

  • TwistedSister/Haratiofales



    Hast Du nicht zeit fur spiel?

  • 1878EFC2008



    The origin on the new york corona spike has been identified.

  • Dario K. De la Cruz

    Dario K. De la Cruz


    A mi me da gusto cuando habla Fuzhounese la gente parece alegrarse mucho, en especial la gente mayor.




    7:22 greatest mullet ever!!

  • Shenita Moore

    Shenita Moore

    2 napja

    Ahmazinng! He’s learning as he goes. 😱💕

  • busapassion


    2 napja

    Xiaoma. I want to see you get a date with a chinese girl. I Challenge you.

  • busapassion


    2 napja

    Xiaoma. I want to see you get a date with a chinese girl. I Challenge you.

  • MewSn0wk1tty


    2 napja

    The candy guy was a smart ass lol

  • Sandro Pereira da Silva

    Sandro Pereira da Silva

    2 napja

    voordat het virus kwam... en nu een grote ellende veroorzaakt :P ik wens jullie oprecht heel veel sterkte

  • Angus Thomson

    Angus Thomson

    2 napja

    Its so funny when they are trying to act as American as possible

  • Chimera XDX

    Chimera XDX

    2 napja

    Bat soup eating fks

  • Razors Edge

    Razors Edge

    2 napja

    remember when the democrats said go to the parade, everything is fine... lol

  • Troy Annable

    Troy Annable

    2 napja

    Love your videos man.

  • joshua barker

    joshua barker

    2 napja

    So awesome! Best vid I've seen yet (out of like 10 that ive seen this morning). So awesome!

  • joshua barker

    joshua barker

    2 napja

    That first scene is so awesome!!!

  • Paul Stein

    Paul Stein

    2 napja

    It is a basic sign of respect to address a person in their native language, the reactions shown are honest & true. Thanks for being YOU & a great AMBASSADOR for AMERICA. Your videos make me smile.

  • verdatum


    2 napja

    Interesting, in Japanese culture, if someone tries to give you something for free, you need to refuse it at least twice, or better yet, three times. Apparently, in Chinese culture, you just gotta show gratitude.

  • Pepe Galván

    Pepe Galván

    3 napja

    Why are they using the dollar as currency? 🧐

  • 8 8

    8 8

    3 napja

    How do you say "he's a gay" in fuzhounese?

  • Nigel Sheppard

    Nigel Sheppard

    3 napja

    This is Fuchou. I speak Hokkien, and can follow a conversation in Fuchou. It's easier for me to follow it in Malaysian Perranikan speakers.

  • XxTucker_PerkinsxX


    4 napja


  • Miklos Campuzano

    Miklos Campuzano

    4 napja

    Fuzhounese is not rare, there are actually 15 million people worldwide that speak it. If you want a dialect to show off maybe pick Maweihua which is a subsection of Fuzhou where less than 100,000 people speak it. Also Fuzhounese is quite similar to Minanghua which is spoken in Taiwan. You can also go to Shanghai and there are 18 subdialects to Shanghainese, example a person from Pudong has problems speaking to a person from Xuhui. These are all called bendihua which are native dialects. Having spent 20+ years in China if you want content I would glad to help you pick accurate topics. Also if you want to see language proficiency and funny you should look up 果童大叔, and language mastery look up 大山. Some of my friends were the first people on TV in China speaking Chinese such as 大龙.

  • Gonzalo Martin

    Gonzalo Martin

    4 napja

    Your channel is so inspiring! I’ve just moved to the Netherlands, now I’m trying to learn dutch and think it’s so difficult, now I can’t imagine learning Chinese hahaha I have to stop complaining! Do you have any tips about learning languages? Thank you so much for your videos! 🙏🏻

  • Double4Filth


    5 napja

    6:19 wat?