AirPods Pro Review! Everything New vs AirPods 2

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Apple AirPods Pro Are Here! Everything new review & AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 full comparison. Active noise cancellation, transparency mode, new design & more features.
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  • Timothy White

    Timothy White

    3 órája


  • Airpod Boy

    Airpod Boy

    19 órája

    I love apple that stuff in apple there gust good

  • A J

    A J


    AirPods: sorry i don’t speak broke
    AirPods Pro:sorry i don’t hear broke
    LV AirPods: Okay peasants

  • CLK's Exotics

    CLK's Exotics


    Everyone: I'm too broke and everyone else has Airpods

    Me: More broke but look rich with my fake Gucci Cased Airpods Pro from

    Hop on the boat peeps, can't look broke in a boat...

  • Akhi_MANOUSH



    Are you trying to imitate Steve jobs with the clothes

  • Mr. Random

    Mr. Random

    2 napja

    Normal person: cries happily over getting iPhone 7
    Tech you tuber: oh yeah, I forgot I had that 10s max in my closet

  • Ya Boi Logan

    Ya Boi Logan

    2 napja

    I’m getting those soon

  • Isaiah Cool Gaming

    Isaiah Cool Gaming

    2 napja

    The reason why apple does not send youtubers new products early is because they don’t trust them. But still they should trust you

  • Ahmed Arif

    Ahmed Arif

    2 napja

    Show off if u agree like

  • Cynosure


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    Please make a videos about how to update AirPods Firmware version

  • Ali


    3 napja

    I tried these today and I was disappointed. While it has neat features like transparency and noise cancelling the sound quality is very disappointed. Not worth £250 at all. You are better off getting the Airpods 2 which sound better in my opinion. Coming from an audiophile, I have had all the headphones from Sennheisers, Bose to Beats. For £250 you would expect really good sound quality but its not the case. I will wait for Airpods Pro 2 if they make those.

    • yoda on crack

      yoda on crack

      2 napja

      Yes I have them and it ain't worth it.

  • Sabrina Elbaitari

    Sabrina Elbaitari

    3 napja

    The AirPods pro look ugly as fuck , no thanks

  • Soberly Stoned Podcast

    Soberly Stoned Podcast

    3 napja

    Too many commercials!!! Thanks YouTube!

  • Mason4040


    3 napja

    The battery life is actually doubled the life of the AirPods 1. If you look at the stats.

  • MarvelGodOfTheMultiverse Vlogs

    MarvelGodOfTheMultiverse Vlogs

    3 napja

    Hey i need to tell you something. I bought the airpods 1 and after a month they broke for no reason. Im getting new airpods pro so thank you for this video now i know what i will buy

  • Micah Dean

    Micah Dean

    3 napja

    He’s not only flexing on us with his iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 5, and A TON of other stuff (obviously the AirPods Pro), he’s also flexing on us with his Spotify Premium. 😂

  • Robinson


    3 napja

    With the 2nd AirPods people can hear what you’re listening to but do the pros block sound leak?

  • Pedro Martinez

    Pedro Martinez

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  • Rumi!


    4 napja

    This boi a cutie, might cop these soon

  • Mohit Gandhi

    Mohit Gandhi

    4 napja

    airpod pro has good quality of music

  • masteki kay

    masteki kay

    5 napja

    very best review.

  • Dr Dimento

    Dr Dimento

    5 napja

    Nice review. You shouldn't shake your head like that. You can damage your brain badly. I've never seen so many commercials in my life as in this video. Wow do I HATE Google; I've never owned an Android for more than a month for this reason alone . . Google penetration into advertising and personal info. I like the Pro's and gonna get a set. Wonder how the sound quality is compared to an over the ear?

  • Barbara Stewart

    Barbara Stewart

    5 napja

    I got a Powerbeats pro ad

  • DrMoayed AlSharary

    DrMoayed AlSharary

    5 napja

    I want the R8 seat 💔💔💔 DAYYYUM

  • Seabass Zamarripa

    Seabass Zamarripa

    6 napja

    Ok, I need a bit of help with this one. Should I get these or a pair of Sony wh-1000xm3 for general use? My old beats have broken down and I need new headphones/earphones, but am not sure which one is better for all around everyday use. Thanks!

    • Axyplayz


      6 napja

      Seabass Zamarripa tbh the new AirPods pro are probably more convenient for everyday use, while the Sony wh-1000xm3’s are probably better qualify, if you have an iphone. Get Airpods Pro.

  • 50hellkat2


    6 napja

    Do these things cause brain tumours?

  • Dhruv Patel

    Dhruv Patel

    6 napja

    Can I just use the airpods pro JUST for the noise cancelling no music?😂

  • Daniel Yang

    Daniel Yang

    6 napja

    We asked for black AirPods not hairdryers

  • honeyluv


    7 napja

    *watches with earpods*

  • Nasim dhali

    Nasim dhali

    7 napja

    Review freebuds 3 vs airpods pro