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Funkton Official
Funkton Official

A Funkton égisze alatt megjelenő dalok és klipek hivatalos csatornája.
Adorján Csató, AKA Funktasztikus (Funktastic) - earlier known as Funk N Stein and Interfunk - Hungarian MC, rapper, and one of the most iconic artists of Hungarian Hip-Hop.
His solo albums were milestones for Hungarian Underground Rap. The biggest success came in 2009 when he released his 6th solo album called "Jelentések Fanyarországról" (Reports of Sour Country). The album was named the best Hungarian Rap album of the year. With this, he was named the best solo artist of 2009. This was followed by his 7th album called "Táncdalok, Sanzonok, Melodrámák" (Dancemusic, Chansons, Melodramas) which already has 7 video clips. On this album you can hear the '60s-'70 Funk and Dance music mixed with '90s Hip-Hop music. Some of his clips are self made/ self produced, and even though the videos are low budget films, they are still played on TV.